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About Priyanka (Dietitian in Chandigarh)

Priyanka's Diet Clinic support customized to your personal needs

Dietitian Priyanka Mittal (Best and Famous Dietitian in Chandigarh) is an eminent healthcare professional with over 5 years experience in Nutrition Solutions Industry. Dietitian Priyanka is a lifetime member of Indian Dietetics Association (IDA) and has done M.Sc and M.Phill in food & Nutrition. She has been a Diabetic educator in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and Delhi Diabetes Research Centre in association with Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan in Delhi and has worked as Dietitian in Apollo hospital in Cancer department. She loves to try different varieties of food & different combos which gives out new flavors. Loving food is easy & we all know that we need food for survival. Now, you can choose a Top Dietitian in Chandigarh @affordable price.

She believes by implementing right correction’s in diet i.e by regulating what we eat & moderating your proportions with the right knowledge of nutrition we can simply reduce unwanted extra kilos which I will teach you throughout your journey. Dietitian Priyanka does not prefer any artificial diet and supplements and she also provides various recipes of healthy foods. A balanced diet with proper nutrition can change a person. This is the reason which makes Priyanka Mam #1 in the list of top 10 dietitians in Chandigarh. For any Diet Consultancy or healthy diet plans call us at +919779217001.


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I like to personalize my services to every single, different and unique person's needs

Personalized patient care is what sets Priyanka’s Diet clinic in Chandigarh apart. When you visit us you can expect to receive world-class care from the team of our best dietitian in Chandigarh, Mohali, Zirakpur & nutritionist in Panchkula. We have a customer-centric approach. Our dietitian in Mohali, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Zirakpur provide the best diet plans with which you can lose weight, gain weight easily and effectively. Feel Free to Contact us for any type of diet consultancy. You Can get nutrition/diet consultancy from the Best nutritionist and dietitian in Panchkula, Mohali, Chandigarh i.e. Dietitian Priyanka.

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Consulting the best dietitian in Chandigarh can be your first step towards fitness. If you are the one who is in search of the best dietitian in Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula city then we suggest you connect yourself with Dietitian Priyanka. She can provide you with the best guidance and diet tips for weight gain, weight loss, healthy living Fitness tips, stress burner and many more. She is also one of the leading dietitians in Zirakpur city. She also provides the best diet tips online for you. Wherever you go now take your dietitian with you and avail the unique benefits. Now you can have a fit body with the help of their unique services.

Importance of Dietitian in Chandigarh

Chandigarh City beautiful is one of the awesome places which everyone wants to spend a life. This city Chandigarh comprises awesome locations like Panchkula Mohali and Zirakpur aside. Chandigarh is one of the popular places where people from different regions of North India making careers in different Fields. Chandigarh has educational institutes hub at sector 34, pharmaceutical companies etc and famous for its IT sector as well. So different people are doing jobs. Health is very important as if you are living a healthy life by taking healthy diet this means you are fit.

Since nowadays the pressure on jobs and responsibilities are very high. So, the youngsters don’t have time to look at their physique. Sometimes due to work, they forgot to take meals on time and also forgot to exercise regularly. Due to this weight gain problems, diabetes problems and many more occurs. So in order to align those things dietitians or nutritionists play an important role. Dietitian in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali and Zirakpur helps you in losing weight, maintaining weight and other problems. These health issues have increased the demand for Dietitian in Chandigarh city. If you are also the one who is concerned about your health then here we suggest you connect with the best dietitian in Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Mohali and avail the benefits.

Demand For Choosing Dietitian In Chandigarh

There is a huge demand for a dietitian in Chandigarh. This city Chandigarh is also known as a beautiful city and as the name implies the people of this city Chandigarh also wants to look beautiful and fit. More than half of the population of this city Chandigarh choose nutritionist to get a healthy lifestyle. It is found that the demand for a dietitian in Chandigarh is increased by 55% from the last few years. So if you are the one who wants a young glowing skin or wants to look slim and fit then connect yourself with Dietitian Priyanka. She provides the best health tips which help you to get the beautiful attractive body shape.

Benefits For Choosing Dietitian In Chandigarh

There are many benefits in choosing a dietitian in Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula and Zirakpur. Now you can count on your calories by connecting yourself with the best dietitian in Chandigarh. Here are some of the benefits mentioned below for you :

  • The dietitian is the one who helps you to improve your diet.
  • Dietitians make the special diet plans for their clients and help them to follow it strictly.
  • When you will meet with the professional dietitian they will investigate a lot about your lifestyle like what you eat, your health history, your fitness routine, and your weaknesses.
  • A dietitian will guide you the best diet plan which will help you to become healthy and fit.
  • A good dietitian will help you to live your healthy life without any health problem.

Why Priyanka Dietitian in Chandigarh?

Since Chandigarh is one of the most popular and cleanest cities in India. The people of Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula and Zirakpur become more health conscious and more aware of the fitness. They are now not only believe in maintaining city clean but also believe in making the body fit and fat-free.

Now Priyanka’s Diet clinic is on a mission to provide the quality diet consultancy so that everyone can take care of its health. We all-Aware of the fact that the Chandigarh the city beautiful is the place where everyone wants to live. This city Chandigarh is considered as a 2nd cleanest city to live in India.

Also, the people of Chandigarh are very much health conscious. So we are here to sort all the problems which they face in diet irregularities. All the diet plans provided by our dietitian in Chandigarh are totally customized and based on your target goals. Even if you are in a hectic corporate job and want weight loss or weight gain then we also have the solution to make you fit and healthy. Dietitian Priyanka is considered as one of the leading dietitian in Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula and Zirakpur which you can choose and avail the benefits.

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Name – Priyanka’s Diet Clinic (Best Dietitian in Chandigarh)

Address – SCO-2463-2464, 2nd Floor, JW Marriott hotel Lane Near Dr. Ashok Sharma’s cornea center Sector-22 C Chandigarh

Phone Number – 9779217001

Personalized patient care is what sets Priyanka’s Diet clinic apart. When you visit us you can expect to receive world-class care.

All Testimonials

  • “Not only is Lisa an amazing cook/nutritionist with great ideas who I learned SO much from, but my one-on-one meetings with her where we would just ‘chat over tea’ were most inspirational.  I always left with a sense of confidence that I could do, or cook, anything!”
    Tuba Talat
  • My sincere thanks to you for your utmost guidance and great strategies to reduce weight in very short amount of time. Things were were pretty unbelievable, the day i started to take your diet plans.  "
  • "Hi Priyanka  Thanks alot for your support.Your guideline was really very effective for me. Your treatment and guidelines help me alot . Your way of attending is also very appreciating. Keep the good job "
    Akansha Tiwari
  • "Dear Priyanka " you are such a lovely person and your diet plans have been wonderful which helped me to get fabulous result
    Juhi Soni
  • "Hi Priyanka, I would like to thank you for changing my life completely. The complete credit for this goes to Dietitian Priyanka . Priyanka thanks a lot n I would like to wish u success in future.   "
    Ahmed Raza

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