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    Dietitian Priyanka Client Reviews

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    arora gurpreetarora gurpreet
    01:48 24 Nov 23
    Thanku Priyanka you are sach a lovely and caring Diectian ❤️I really thanks to you 😘u r really wonderful person and caring Diectian and I am really happy because which diet plan u given me it’s very simple and full of nutrition diet 🥰if u don’t support me I can’t reduceI reduce 4 kg and 1.5 inches in one monthI feel very energetic and happy 😊 god bless youI would like to say u r the best and number one Diectian in chd ❤️❤️❤️
    Nikhil BansalNikhil Bansal
    11:49 23 Nov 23
    Great diet Plan, thanks to Dt. Priyanka and Dt. Simran for helping me achieving my goal.
    Dr Mrs RinkuDr Mrs Rinku
    08:30 22 Nov 23
    I am 16 and I recently took a diet plan from Priyanka and Gracie Ma'am for 2 months. I am glad that I made the decision to consult them and these 2 months have changed the way I eat food… Thanks to them for making me a healthier person …. I have not only lost those extra 10 kilos but I am able to maintain weight loss through their tips… Thanks a lot
    20:48 21 Nov 23
    She is a very good approach to get rid from your weight gain with PCOD and THYROID without starving , which i felt is impossible for me because i was already stuck in losing weight from past one year and within one month diet plan i lost 5 kg weight , and i am happy forsure i will lose more if i would not haing night shifts as i am a working women but still she is highly recommendable .
    Ruchika MagoRuchika Mago
    07:02 18 Nov 23
    Priyanka mam is so nice and gracie is so sweet.after giving diet everyday she ask you about breakfast lunch dinner and weekly visit helps you to loose weight positively.Thanks for showing so much efforts.
    Pallavi SharmaPallavi Sharma
    13:26 16 Nov 23
    I am thrilled to share my positive experience with the Dr. Priyanka and Gracie played a crucial role in my journey to getting pregnant. They addressed my weight concerns with a personalized meal plan, and I'm delighted to say that the plan not only met my needs but also contributed to the fulfillment of our main goal. ❤ A heartfelt thanks for the expert guidance!🙏🙏💯✌
    anjali kumarianjali kumari
    13:16 16 Nov 23
    I had joined Priyanka mam with multiple health issues (thyroid, rheumatoid arthritis, hormonal imbalance). And it’s been 6 months and i had lost around 10kg, this 6 month journey was full ofups and down. But she has always supported me, guided thoroughly and worked on root causes of my problems . not only my diet, also my health issues have improved. I am use to of eating clean food now. My thyroid level is under control since August, my arthritis problems have reduced. She suggests easily available foods, and variety of options in diets. Thank you priyanka mam 🙏🏻
    princy luthraprincy luthra
    05:32 07 Nov 23
    I highly recommend Dt. Priyanka and team. The diet plan they gave has done wonders for me and I witnessed results within 1 month. Post Covid I was diagnosed with diabetes and I tried all sorts of ayurvedic and allopathy treatments, however nothing worked for me. My fasting glucose had crossed 300 mg/dl which was alarming. I strictly followed the diet they provided me and gradually my sugar level started dropping. I am so happy to share that within a month's time my fasting sugar is in normal ranges. Even the random sugar last night I obtained was 139mg/dl. All the dieticians are very cooperative, kind and understanding. They also change and suggest diet plans as per your schedule for the day. Massive thanks to the team for educating and guiding.
    Preeti ChoudharyPreeti Choudhary
    02:48 28 Oct 23
    I had a very positive experience with Dr Priyanka's team especially Gagandeep. She is amazing and always ready to listen to concerns. Being a new mom I was worried about doing diet plan however they prepared a diet plan according to my needs. I managed to loose 10 kg in 3 months, all kudos to the team who have helped me deplete postpartum weight gain. I have already recommended them to my contacts and I would do so in future too.
    Poonam GoelPoonam Goel
    03:09 22 Sep 23
    I had an amazing experience with Dr Priyanka and the team especially Dr Gracie The co-ordination and connectivity is outstanding. The diet plan advised by Dr Priyanka was exactly what I was looking for since long. Dr Gracie always replied back my queries with specific details which I have asked in chat.She always suggest me what to do and how we can acheive better result on our weekly call. I am so pleased with the result after adopting your plan. I have lost inches and weight. But I am very happy as my body is more energetic and healthy. Its my great pleasure work with you guys. Looking forward to achieve my goal . I already loose 8kg ...and more to come .👍👍👍
    Gaurav EnriqueGaurav Enrique
    07:21 04 Aug 22
    My transformational journey of 3 months has been excellent under the guidance of Priyanka mam I lost 7 kgs and was able to regain a healthy lifestyle ..... A 100% recommended Dietician to all who take their goals seriously, her diet programs are excellent and regular followups are a add on for making your goals into reality ☺️
    ~ Deepti~ Deepti
    17:43 29 Jul 22
    You have helped me lose so much weight. I have obliged you, dear Dietitian Sheenam. I had no idea that just losing weight would make me look so good. I feel lucky that I chose to come to you and take your suggestions about dieting. I am so interested in you for giving me the best advice that helped me to lose weight so soon and in a healthy way. Looking forward to see you soon. Thank you once again. Deepti
    Reetika SharmaReetika Sharma
    07:43 30 Jun 22
    Great experience with Priyanka ma'am.... She is very sweet in nature & best diet plans... Not only I have lost my excess weight. I have got my confidence & energy back. Thank you Priyanka ma'am for teaching me the art of losing weight & managing diabetes with the well planned &easy to follow diets
    Ritu GourRitu Gour
    10:44 06 Jun 22
    Hi Priyanka Ma’amI started the diet on 20th may in just 20 days days i almost lost 3.5 kg .My energy level has improved and I don't feel hungry all the time.  The best thing in your diet is that you give very good options in the diet, there is no problem in taking it to the office .i ll recommend all to take advice and follow her . Hoping for good  results till the month end.Thank You Dietitian Priyanka
    Bhawana NegiBhawana Negi
    10:43 06 Jun 22
    I had thyroid becouse of that  there was swelling in my body and  i was always taking medicine for a long time but there was no change in me . I took the plan from many dietitian . But no result.Now em very happy 😃 with Dietitian Priyanka.My thyroid is undercontrol and i feel more energetic than before . The best part is that i never felt hungry in her diet. She gives a lot of variety in the diet .It is very simple and the best part is that she give everything in easy way


    I believe in serving the exceptional and customized nutrition for better health.So, if you’re looking for the best dietitian in Chandigarh contact Dietitian Priyanka Mittal now only. When you visit us, you can expect to receive world-class health care from the team because we are the Best Nutritionist in Chandigarh & Zirakpur. Similarly, we have a customer-centric approach. Dietitian Priyanka Mittal also provides excellentand proven diet tips for her clients, which help them to understand importance of healthy eating.


    • Qualified & experienced
    • 10+ years of experience. 1000+ success stories
    • Transforming lifestyles across the globe in 25+ countries
    • North India’s most trusted Dietitian & Lifestyle coach

    Diet & lifestyle

    • Personalised, non-restrictive diet & lifestyle plans
    • No exotic or expensive items, only homely food
    • No pills or supplements; only real food from your kitchen
    • Focus on nutrition, not just calorie counts
    • Improve your health. No ‘dieting’!

    Flexible programs

    • No marketing gimmicks
    • No false promises or guarantees. Focus on sustainability
    • Programs where you don’t feel like being on a ‘diet’
    • Maintenance plan included in every program
    • Family offers

    Client care

    • Get treated as a family. Form a 2-way relationship
    • Learn to create your own diet plan

    Dietitian Priyanka Mittal is the famous Dietitian in Chandigarh. She is a nutritional master and has strong experience in the Nutrition industry since 2013. Consequently, Dietitian Priyanka Mittal is also a lifetime member of the Indian Dietetics Association (IDA) and has degrees in M.Sc and M.Phill in Food and Nutrition. Moreover, she has been a Diabetic educator at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and Delhi Diabetes Research Centre in association with Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan in Delhi and has worked as the best Dietitian in Apollo Hospital in the Cancer department. Moreover, she only focuses on healthy meals made from inexpensive easily available ingredients in our kitchen. Thus, you can choose the best Dietitian in Chandigarh at an affordable price. Most importantly, several good reasons make Dietitian Priyanka the most reliable dietitian in Chandigarh including

    1. 10+ years of experience
    2. No false claims
    3. Affordable diet plans
    4. 100% personalizations
    5. Easy-to-follow recipes
    6. Online and physical appointments are available

    Therefore, you can contact a Dietitian in Chandigarh and share your every health concern also you can contact her by placing a call at +91-9779217001. And, the most important thing Dietitian Priyanka Mittal also gives her online diet consultancy in all parts of India. So, if you are residing anywhere near Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula Zirakpur, or Kharar, consult Dietitian Priyanka Mittal to cater the best diet tips and diet plans for a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, you can also go for online diet assistance from Dietitian Priyanka Mittal.

    What is a Dietitian?

    A dietitian is a trained health professional specializing in food and nutrition. The primary role of a dietitian is to help people by making healthy choices about their foods and eating habits. Further, they can develop a healthy meal plan that suits an individual’s needs and lifestyle. Dietitians play an important role in our lives. They promote good health and prevent chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. 

    Dietitians are qualified and regulated health professionals who specialize in translating scientific information about nutrition and food into practical dietary advice. They are members of multidisciplinary teams that treat complex clinical conditions such as diabetes, food allergy, heart diseases, malnutrition, and kidney failure. They can support you throughout many phases of your life from pregnancy to when you are older as well as preventing you from various health conditions. 

    Why choose DIETICIAN PRIYANKA as your diet partner?

    It’s the wish for every person to get back in their favorite outfits, hence it is the right time to invest in your health and achieve an ideal number on the weighing scale. It might be challenging for you to choose the right path, as every day we come across the name of many dietitians who are seeking attention by promising the best results which may confuse us and create a lot of doubts in our minds like, 

    Will this plan work for me? or will it harm my skin and hair? or am I just wasting my money? So we should choose qualified professional dietitians and not just anyone who claims to be a nutritionist and puts you on calorie-deficit diets just for rapid weight loss. For all your nutritional needs we at Dt. Priyanka’s Clinic aims to provide diets fully customized according to the individual’s nutritional needs and resolve your queries and doubts with a positive approach.

    All her diet plans are kitchen-based and easy to follow. The diet plans are customized after closely analyzing the body’s needs, eating habits, preferences, and work schedule, and serving the diet charts with delicious and easy recipes. She particularly treats you with the right food without any starvation diet or promoting any artificial supplements. There is a wide range of diets ranging from weight gain/loss to chronic medical conditions. There would be daily personalized and different diet plans to follow, weekly motivation messages, and follow-ups to be on track.


    • Flexibility in diet (changes can be made in the diet as per your requirement).
    • Understands you better before suggesting any particular diet plan.
    • Make you feel comfortable to discuss your preferences and requirements.

    Of course, it is a valid question to ask why you choose Dietitian Priyanka as there are hundreds of others claiming the best in the market. But Dietitian Priyanka has been listed among the top 10 dietitians in Chandigarh due to the fact that she is highly qualified and offers the best services to her each client. For any dietitian, it is important to understand the goals and requirements of the client and design the diet chart accordingly. There are tonnes of factors needed to take into consideration. Therefore, it is important to choose the best dietitian in Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula!

    • She understands the concerns and goals of her clients and curated a diet plan that helps you in fulfilling those goals.
    • Also, Dt Priyanka assists in controlling medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, etc. in the most healthy & delicious way that you will not need to fully depend upon medications.
    • All the recipes will be provided in advance and the ingredients used are easily available in the market.
    • Dt. Priyanka does not just provide you with diet plans but also acts as a motivator to work on your goals. (just like a friend)

    So, if you’re looking for the best dietitian in Chandigarh contact Dietitian Priyanka Mittal now only. When you visit us, you can expect to receive world-class health care from the team because we are the Best Nutritionist in Chandigarh &  Zirakpur. Similarly, we have a customer-centric approach. Dietitian Priyanka Mittal also provides excellent and proven diet tips for her clients, which help them to understand the importance of healthy eating.  Moreover, Priyanka Mittal is the leading and trusted dietitian in Mohali, Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Zirakpur. Thus, if you’re still looking for the best dietitian in Chandigarh then visit Priyanka’s Diet Clinic now only. Hence, feel free to contact us for any type of diet consultancy. Thus, Dietitian Priyanka also believes that healthy eating is the only key to leading a happy life. You can start over a new healthy life by consulting dietitian Priyanka. Hence, that’s how she stands with a glorious benchmark in the Nutrition Industry in Chandigarh.

    Question – Does a Nutritionist or Dietitian in Chandigarh also provide fitness advice?

    Answer – Yes, dietitians do provide fitness advice too. Dietitian Priyanka has a specialization in weight management. Therefore, if anyone is looking for a dietitian who can help with fitness and good health, you should visit Priyanka’s Diet Clinic in Chandigarh. Also, she is the most popular and trusted dietitian in Chandigarh.

    Question – What will a dietitian do for me?

    Answer – A dietitian provides proper food and nutrition information and gives support to improve your health. So, you can visit Dietitian Priyanka Mittal, the best dietitian in Chandigarh, then you will get the best health advice on nutrition-related matters. She will help you in changing your daily routines and help you in fighting all your health problems.

    Question – Can I visit a dietitian during pregnancy?

    Answer – Definitely Yes, you can visit a dietitian during pregnancy. In fact, Dietitian Priyanka gives special diet plans to women who are pregnant with proper nutrition to make them healthy mothers.

    Question – Will a dietitian help me lose weight?

    Answer – A dietitian gives you healthy meal plans rather than crash plans that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. So, consulting a registered dietitian in Chandigarh like Priyanka Mittal can help you in losing weight.

    Question – Who is the best Health Specialist in Chandigarh? 

    Answer – Dietitian Priyanka Mittal is the best dietitian in Chandigarh to serve you the healthiest diet plans and diet tips for a healthy life. Also, she serves specialized diet plans for every health-related problem and disease.

    Question –  What are the consultation fees charged by a dietitian in Chandigarh?

    Answer – Generally, a Dietitian in Chandigarh charges an estimated consultation fee of Rs. 500 and above.

    Daily Calories Or Nutrients Intake

    Here is a diet chart that shows how many calories or nutrient values a person can consume in a day according to their weight. This diet chart represents the total calories, fats, carbohydrates, and fat calories. Similarly, a dietitian can help you in a better way to understand the daily intake of calories. A dietitian helps us to get health plans for our body, therefore it is our responsibility to follow every principle of a good dietitian. Thus, a good dietitian will be always by your side to help you to maintain a healthy life and a healthy lifestyle.

    Priyanka Mittal: Top Dietitian In Chandigarh

    Firstly, Dietitian Priyanka becomes familiar with the amount of the various foods that you take and then customizes it accordingly. After, a few days she provides the diet plan containing 1200 calories, 1500 calories, 1800 calories, or 2200 calories per day. Moreover, with her customized diet plans, you can attain a better and healthy body and mind for continuing your everyday busy schedule. Therefore, join hands with her anytime and make a move towards a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, she takes care of every client by providing them finest nutrition services so that they could lead a happy and healthy life. Hence, contact the best dietitian in Chandigarh now only to get the best diet plans for a fit and active life.

    Calories Intake According To Age

    Here is an estimated amount of calories that are needed to maintain a proper energy balance. Consequently, everything is mentioned as per the person’s age at different levels of physical activity. According to a dietitian, it is important for you to take appropriate calories as per your age, height, current weight, activity levels, metabolic health, and several others. Therefore, a calorie is nothing but it is a measure of energy that is required to keep your body perform day to day activities.

    You must not be aware of the fact that your body needs calories even when you sleep. Moreover, if the age is 14 or 14+ then your calorie intake should be estimated at 3200. Also, an average woman needs to eat about 2000 calories per day to maintain, and 1500 calories per day to lose weight. Hence, an average man requires approximately 2500 calories to maintain, and around 2000 to lose weight respectively.

    So, if you’re looking for a dietitian in Chandigarh who can help you regarding your every health concern contact “Priyanka Mittal”. Thus, she will help to rectify all your health issues by serving nutritional and healthiest diet plans for enhancing your body and health. Also, in the current days, a healthy lifestyle and fitness are the pretty much-trending culture in Chandigarh. We all know that “HEALTH IS WEALTH” so never ignore your health issues to accomplish that fitness and healthy life goals Dietitian Priyanka will serve you the best diet plans for a healthier lifestyle.

    Thus, now you know about the best dietitian in Chandigarh. Therefore, contact Dietitian Priyanka Mittal now only and visit her clinic to bring a healthy lifestyle at home. Also, thanks to dietitian Priyanka who is helping people to have a healthy life in these busy and hectic schedules and making sure that everyone could afford healthy life on a minimal budget. There is no doubt that she is the best dietitian in Chandigarh and always offers flexible diet plans. Along with the flexible diet plans, Dt Priyanka Mittal’s diet plans are also affordable. Well, to provide ease, she also gives online suggestion that makes clients Healthy and all her efforts make her the best Online Dietitian in Punjab.

    Balanced Diet Tip By Dietitian Priyanka


    A basic Balanced Diet consists of 60-70% of total calories from carbohydrates, 10-12% from proteins, and 20-25% of total calories from fat. You can visit Priyanka’s Diet Clinic and get amazing diet counseling with us for leading a healthy life. She is the top Diet Specialist in Chandigarh for offering the best Balanced Diet Routines to the concerned people. Her diet tips consist of all the major required nutrients for your body. Dietitian Priyanka Mittal prepares her diet chart in a way that suits the Indian Plate well. By visiting her you don’t have to worry about eating less, rather she gives proper meals with balanced nutrients that your body requires depending upon your health conditions. At last, we hope you like these tips regarding a healthy lifestyle. However, if you want some expert consulting, then book your appointment with the top dietitian in Chandigarh today!

    Contact Dietitian Priyanka Mittal if you are looking for the following services –

    Then feel free to contact Dt. Priyanka – The top Dietitian in Chandigarh.



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