15 Foods That Are High in Vitamin C

15 Foods That Are High in Vitamin C – The Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is needed for normal growth and development. Our body is not able to produce it we have to consume it in natural ways like consuming fruits & vegetables. Some of the fruits like oranges, kiwi, broccoli, etc. In this blog, we’ll learn about the 15 Foods That Are High in Vitamin C. 15 foods That Are High in Vitamin CVitamin C is the basic need for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of the body. It has many antioxidants and has the power to reduce the risk of chronic disease. When it is said that water-soluble means it isn’t stored in our bodies. When you are having too much vitamin C, your body generally excretes it in your urine. Foods that are high in vitamin C are best to consume daily in a required quantity. 

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Vitamin C

  • Boosts Immune System – Vitamin C is well-known for its immune-boosting properties. It improves the white blood cell production & function, helping the body’s defense against infections and illness.
  • Helps To Prevent Iron Deficiency –  Consuming Vitamin C helps people who follow a vegetarian diet to maintain an optimal iron level by enhancing the absorption of iron that is not fulfilled by plant-based foods.
  • Reduce The Risk Of Chronic Diseases – Regular intake of vitamin C helps to eliminate free radicals and strengthen the immune system, it plays a major role in lowering the risk of different types of  chronic diseases including some types of cancer.
  • Wound Healing – It accelerates the process of wound healing by supporting the production of collagen. Which helps with the formation of new skin tissue.
  • Healthy Heart – It is scientifically proven and studied that vitamin C may contribute to a healthy heart. By improving the blood vessel function, reducing blood pressure, and lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

15 Foods That Are High in Vitamin C 

#1. Parsley

Parsley is a significant source of both vitamin C and K which also contains antioxidants. It is best to have two tablespoons (8 gms) of fresh parsley. 10 mg of vitamin C is provided by the parsley, which gives the best results to your body.  

#2. Kiwis

It is recommended to have one medium kiwi a day. In Kiwi, 56mg of vitamin C is contained and shows the best results on the blood platelets which may also help to reduce the risk of blood clots and stroke. It provides strong immunity and boosts your immune system.

#3. Brussels sprouts

A half-cup of cooked Brussels sprouts provides 49mg of vitamin C. It is high in vitamins K, C, and A. Vitamin C &K are both important for bone health. Collagen, the fibrous component of your bones, is formed with the help of vitamin C.

#4. Lemons

A raw lemon contains 45mg of vitamin C which also acts as an antioxidant. Lemon can prevent other fruits and foods from browning. It helps to reduce Blood pressure and also reduces the effects of bread on blood sugar. 

#5. Lychees

A lychee provides 7 mg of vitamin C. It also contains some of polyphenol compounds like – rutin, gallic acid, chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, etc.

#6. Papayas

Papya one cup of 145gm contains 88mg of vitamin C. It has the potential for anti-inflammatory effects on your brain health. Papaya contains extracts that fight the symptoms of chronic conditions and cancers through their antioxidant properties.

#7. Strawberries

One cup of sliced strawberries(166 gms) contains 97mg of vitamin C. It has a diverse and potent mix of – vitamin C, manganese, folate, and some other beneficial antioxidants. It is recommended to eat regularly helps to reduce the risk of health conditions like cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes.

#8. Oranges

Like some other citrus fruits, the oranges are high in vitamin C. It is widely eaten by people. One medium orange may provide 83 mg of vitamin C. Orange juice is liked by people in every season.

#9. Broccoli

A half-cup of steamed broccoli provides 51 mg of vitamin C. Nowadays it is usually involved in different kinds of kinds of pasta and other fast foods which make them healthy at some point. 

#10. Mustard Spinach

A cup of raw chopped mustard spinach may provide 195 mg of vitamin C. 1 cup of cooked mustard greens still provides 117 mg of vitamin C. Mustard spinach and other dark, leafy vegetables are high in other nutrients including – vitamin A, potassium, calcium, manganese, fiber, folate, etc. 

#11. Cantaloupe 

The high-fiber fruit is packed with not only vitamin A but also vitamin C. One cup of sliced cantaloupe contains 17.4 mg of vitamin C for adults daily. Another name for cantaloupe is Cucumis melo var. Cantalupensis. 

#12. Yellow Bell peppers

Yellow bell pepper content increases as they mature. One yellow bell pepper provides 342 mg of vitamin C, which is more than twice the amount found in green pepper. Consuming enough vitamin C is important for eye health and may protect against cataract progression.

#13. Guavas

A single guava contains 125 mg of vitamin C. Guava is known for its richness in the antioxidant lycopene. It involves 45 young, healthy people who found that eating 400 g of peeled guava or consuming 7 pieces of the fruit, per day for 6 weeks helps to maintain blood pressure and total cholesterol levels. 

#14. Chili Peppers

One green medium chili pepper contains 109 mg of vitamin C. Compared with the red chili pepper, it delivers 65 mg of vitamin C. The evidence says that the consumption of hot chili peppers may decrease mortality. 

#15. Kakadu Plum

An Australian native superfood is containing 100 times more vitamin C than oranges. It has the highest concentration of vitamin C of any food, containing up to 2,907 mg per gram. Kakadu plum is rich in potassium, Vitamin E, and the antioxidant lutein, which is also beneficial for eye health.


I hope this blog helps you to know 15 Foods That Are High in Vitamin C. Your general health requires vitamin C to boost the immune system and also provides other benefits to your health. In the above, we have discussed foods that are high in vitamin C and help a lot in your day-to-day well-being.  

Question 1. Who is the best dietitian for giving a healthy diet?

Answer – Dietitian Priyanka gives a healthy diet.

Question 2. Is Vitamin C is important for us ?

Answer – Yes, Vitamin C is important for us. As it helps to boost our immunity.

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