Diet Plan for Osteoporosis – Osteoporosis is a condition that affects the bones. Well, inside the healthy bone there is a little space which is generally known as the Honeycomb. Osteoporosis increases that litter space size this causes to weaken bone strength as well as density. But don’t worry; you can tackle this by following Diet Plan for Osteoporosis. Several nutritional foods are there that are helpful to make your bones strong and healthy. The proper supplies of a balanced nutrient diet will strengthen your bone density.

Top Diet Plan for Osteoporosis

Our bones are made of protein, calcium, and other materials. The deficiency of these nutrients in the body leads to Osteoporosis. Dt. Priyanka has the Best Diet Plan for Osteoporosis that helps you to treat it. For stronger bones, it is necessary to eat the proper diet. Well, the barnacled Diet Plan for Osteoporosis cures the bone issues of roots. Osteoporosis is a very common bone problem seen in every age group. Here is some Osteoporosis diet plan to make the bone strong and healthy. Eat Healthy! Be Healthy!

List of Foods includes in Diet Plan of Osteoporosis

Here are some nutrients that help you to get strong bones. As per a study, after the age of 35, 3 from 5 people suffering from this bone problem. The only need is a proper regular diet plan by your dietitian.

  • Calcium is an important nutrient for bones. For healthier bone strength, eat calcium loaded foods.
  • Moreover, Vitamin D is a good companion of calcium. Without Vitamin D, your bones can not absorb calcium.
  • For healthy muscle tissue, protein has a vital role. Low protein intake can cause bone fracture. So, it is important to consume 0.8 to 2.0 milligrams of protein per kilogram of body weight.
  • Vitamin C is helpful for the absorption of calcium. The high intake of Vitamin C maximizes the bone strength and also prevents Osteoporosis. You can take Vitamin C from fresh vegetables as well as fruits. Prefer to eat fresh fruits over juice.
  • In Addition, Magnesium is responsible for bone growth. It builds strong bones. Well, the consumption of several verities of magnesium good can help you to get the maximum benefits for your healthy bones.
  • There is a strong relation between Vitamin K and Osteoporosis. People with less intake of vitamin K are a greater risk for hip fracture. So try to intake 254mg of Vitamin K in your daily diet.
  • To stay the stronger bones, Zinc plays an important role. Low consumption of Zinc leads to poor bone strength.

Foods to limit

  • Limit the excess salt consumption. The high salt present in the body can cause the releases of calcium from the body. And this release of calcium is harmful to bone strength. Avoid high salt foods.
  • Alcohol is also responsible for the release of calcium, a moderate amount of drinking alcohol is safe for body bones but the excess of alcohol intake is harmful. This leads to bone decay.
  • Beans/legumes are healthy for the body but they are high in phytates. These put affect on the calcium absorption. But still, you want to eat Beans then soak them in water for 2 to 3 hours then drain them and cook beans with fresh water.
  • Wheat bran is also responsible for less calcium absorption. The consumption of all wheat bran reduces calcium absorption at the same time. So, if you intake the calcium food, eat it after 2, 3 hours of consumption of wheat bran.
  • Excess of everything is harmful. Too much intake of Vitamin A has the worst effects on the body.
  • Caffeine can reduce calcium absorption and male the bones weak. All the energy drinks like tea, coffee, soda contain caffeine. So, prefer it with a limit.


The food that you eat can affect your bones. So, it is essential to consult the dietitian and follow the proper diet plan for Osteoporosis. Healthy food choices are beneficial for bone strength. If you eat a balanced diet full of nutrients then you can keep your bones healthy for a lifetime.

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