Diet Plan For Weight Loss And Muscle Gain

Diet Plan For Weight Loss And Muscle Gain – In this blog, we are covering the topic of a Diet plan for weight loss and muscle gain. Here, you will get all the information regarding the best deal for weight loss yet maintaining a good ratio of muscle gain. The muscle-building process is quite complex and there are several factors influencing this process such as testosterone, growth hormones, and also the availability of amino acids in the body.

Diet Plan For Weight Loss And Muscle Gain

For building new muscles, it is important to increase protein synthesis which fastens by regular training and intake of sufficient protein in the body. So, it is important to make a balance between diet and cardio training. With proper guidance, one can easily see a visible change in the body. 

What is the Best Way To Loss Weight and Muscle Gain?

Muscle is the soft tissue that has actin and myosin that provides strength to the body. It is important to maintain a proper muscle versus fat ratio in a body. Muscle gives the body a shape and it requires a special diet to build muscles naturally. Usually, people follow exercise routines and strict diet plans for losing weight and muscle gain. The calorie intake per day is higher than the other diet plan. One should maintain a routine of cardiovascular exercise and a high protein-rich diet for effective results. 

Also, do not forget good source of carbohydrates for maintaining fuel for burning during exercise and recovery sessions. Whereas protein is a vital building block for muscle building. 

Calorie Intake While Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

Usually, it is recommended to maintain 15% more intake of calories while muscle gain and heavy exercise sessions. These calories came from a good source of protein, and carbs in homemade food. It is important to maintain a good balance of macro and micronutrients. It is highly recommended to maintain the following percentage of nutrients- 

  1. 30-35% of calories consist of protein
  2. 55-60% of calories come from carbohydrates
  3. 15-20% of calories should consist of fat

One should be kept in mind that gaining muscle required commitment and it is a long-term process that requires determination and strict following of a diet chart. 

Diet Plan For Weight Loss And Muscle Gain

  • Breakfast 
  1. Chappati+egg roast or 
  2. Chicken sandwich+ skimmed milk (1 cup)
  3. Or Sprouts & paneer paratha+green chutney
  4. Or Soya flour uthappam+green chutney+ skimmed milk 
  5. Or Mushroom paratha with scrambled egg
  • Mid Meal Snack 

Boiled channa or almond shake or grilled vegetables or fruit salad

  • Lunch
  1. Roti+salad+fish curry+cabbage 
  2. Or Veg pulao rice with soya chunk and low-fat curd
  3. Or rice with chicken curry+palak sabzi + low-fat curd
  4. Or cup rice+kidney beans+salad+ladies finger sabzi
  5. Or chapati+Grilled chicken+Dhal+ salad
  • Evening Snack

Homemade protein bar with tea or boiled channa with tea or poha with tea or fruit salad

  • Dinner 
  1. Upma with green beans sabzi 
  2. Or chapati with ladies finger sabzi 
  3. Or chapati with tomato sabzi 
  4. Or dosa with Bitter guard sabzi 
  5. Or chapati with cup mix veg curry

Food Items For Effective Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

Following is the list of effective weight loss and effective muscle gain, such as-

  1. Cereals such as  quinoa, broken wheat, brown rice, oatmeal
  2. Pulses include masoor dal, soybeans, kidney beans, chickpeas, moong dal, etc.
  3. Vegetables such as lettuce beet, potatoes, carrots, beans, sweet potatoes, spinach, broccoli, kale, and many more.
  4. Fruits like apples, pears, grapes, oranges, apples, fruit custard, avocado, etc.
  5. Milk products such as cheese, yogurt, skim milk, paneer, etc.
  6. Meat substitutes – chicken breast, tuna, tilapia, salmon, swordfish, cod, etc.
  7. Oil – Olive oil, flaxseed oil, etc.

Foods That Need To Be Avoid/ Limit For Weight Loss

While on a special diet of weight loss and muscle gain, the following is the list of foods that one should avoid –

  1. Alcohol – It has a negative effect on building muscle and losing fat. 
  2. Sugar – Sugar is only calories and has no nutritional value. So, one should avoid sugar-rich foods such as soft drinks, candy, cookies, ice cream, etc.
  3. Deep-fried foods – These types of foods cause inflammation and this restricts muscle gain. 


At last, hope you get all the information regarding the diet plan for weight loss and muscle gain. However, if you want a tailored made diet plan for effective weight loss and muscle gain, reach out to Dietitian Priyanka Mittal Today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question – How much time is needed for muscle gain?

Answer – It will require at least 3 to 4 weeks for visible changes in the body because muscle gaining is a slow process and need time.

Question – Which is the best protein supplement for muscle building?

Answer – Whey proteins are rich in amino acids that are important for muscle building. 

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