Online Dietitian in Assam – A healthy diet is essential for overall well-being. Eating a well-balanced diet not only keeps one fit but also lowers the risk of numerous health-related issues. However, to eat healthily, one must know what is healthy! This is why you can consult our Online Dietitian in Assam.

A dietitian is an expert in dietetics who can help you follow a healthy diet routine. Dietitians analyze one’s bodily requirements and recommend a perfect diet plan accordingly. However, to get the best results, one must follow a diet routine provided by an able diet expert. Therefore, we’ll tell you about the Leading Online Diet Expert in Assam.

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Dietitian in Assam

Dietitian Priyanka Mittal – Best Online Dietitian & Nutritionist in Assam

Dt. Priyanka Mittal is one of the leading online diet consultants in India. She is a renowned diet expert serving the healthcare industry for the last 8+ years. Besides having years of experience, she has witnessed vast industrial exposure. Our dietitian has practiced under some of the top famous dietitians and nutritionists of our country. Also, she’s a widely famous dietitian awarded several times for her commendable services.

Dt. Priyanka is a highly educated and qualified online diet consultant in India. She holds M.Sc and M. Phill in food & Nutrition. Moreover, she is a proud member of the Indian Dietetics Association (IDA). Plus, she has served as a diabetic educator at leading healthcare organizations. Altogether, she possesses deep knowledge and experience to provide diet plans that best cater to your health requirements.

Role of our Online Dietitian in Assam

Dietitian Priyanka is known for providing the Best Online Dietitian Counseling Services in India. She holds great expertise in offering diet plans for all types of health issues. Our diet consultant is highly capable of formulating diet plans that are easy to follow. Also, she can suggest healthier and tastier alternatives to the foods you aren’t much fond of!

Our dietitian has helped thousands of her clients to lose weight healthily. Priyanka’s diet clinic ranks amongst the most popular weight loss centers in India. Moreover, she can aid you to gain weight naturally. Her diet plans comprise of easily available foods. On top of that, she can provide diet plans for all sorts of health-related problems like:

  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Diabetic Diet Plan
  • Thyroid Diet Plan
  • Therapeutic Programs in specific Disorder
  • Diet Plans for Heart-related issues
  • Cholesterol related diet plans
  • Kidney related problems diet plan
  • Pregnancy and Lactation Diet Plan
  • PCOS
  • Diet Plans for Gym Freaks
  • Cancer Diet Plans

Benefits of Consulting Our Online Dietitian in Assam

One of the top reasons to consult our dietitian is that one can avail of her services online. She remains in touch with her clients through phone and social media platforms. Also, keeps updating her diet plans timely and tracks your progress regularly. Furthermore, Dt. Priyanka has more than 30,000 clients residing in different corners of the world. Thus, she possesses the experience of dealing with people suffering from different health problems. 

Why Choose Us?

Assam is an alluring state in northeast India. The state is famous for its wildlife, archeological sites, and tea plantations. Having a population of 35 million, Assam is a beautiful place to reside in. To maintain an active lifestyle, your diet must comprise foods enriched with all the essential nutrients. For this purpose, you can opt for the services of our Online Dietitian & Nutritionist in Assam.

Therefore, if you are looking for someone who can provide the best diet plans at affordable pricing, contact us! We promise to deliver the desired services at the most reasonable prices. So, to get in touch with us now, check out our contact information given below:

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