Online Dietitian In Rohtak

Online Dietitian In Rohtak – If you are done with trying numerous diet plans, but still didn’t get any results. We understand your frustration. That’s why we came up with the solution – Dietitian Priyanka Mittal, the best Online Dietitian in Rohtak. SHe will help you to get the body you always dream of.

Online Dietitian In Rohtak

Dietitian Priyanka is one of the renowned food and nutrition expert that provide a range of customized or personalized diet plans at affordable rates. She covers most of India’s prominent illnesses or disorders. So, she is an ideal dietitian for many out there.

However, she is practicing for the last 7 years and provides both offline as well as online services. Either you can visit her clinic in Chandigarh or opt for an online service as well. Therefore, contact her on +91-7814012767 or +91-9779217001 and book her appointment today!

Interesting Facts about Rohtak

  • Rohtak word is originated for “Rohtasgarh” which means”Fort of Rohtas”.
  • Rohtak is known as the Education Hub of Haryana. Also, It is the Political Capital of Haryana.
  • Also, It has Asia’s Largest Cloth Market, known as Shori Market.
  • There are Pink Autos for women in which drivers are also women.
  • At last, the main source of incomer here is agriculture as Rohtak is one of the major trade centres for grain and cotton.

Perks of Opting for Online Dietitian

Dietitian is a medical professional who holds the required qualifications and national license of practising in the field of food and nutrition. Dietitian is quite in demand for obvious reasons. Everyone wants a healthy and fit body. But do not know how to get one. Moreover, India has more cases of high blood pressure and high sugar level at a very early age. Whether you live in urban or rural, everyone faces these health problems either by themselves or has been in the family for generations.

To survive in a competitive world, we usually ignore our bodies. Even some find a way to indulge in good food habits. It is difficult to continue to stay on that habit. That’s why opting for an online dietitian is the best option for you. It has major perks such as –

  • Firstly, it will save you time and money.
  • Secondly, you don’t need to choose from a limited dietitian in your location. Going for online consultation gives you more options to choose the best expert for yourself.
  • Most importantly, you will save money. There will save transportation costs and your work will not suffer as well.
  • At last, you will find online quite affordable.

Leading Online Dietitian In Rohtak | Dietitian Priyanka

Priyanka Mittal is from Chandigarh and running her clinic from there. However, She also provides online service/ consultant regarding food and nutrition at a very affordable rate. Moreover, she has done her M.Sc and M.Phill in the field of food and nutrition. Also, she had worked in Sri Ganga Hospital and Delhi Diabetes Research Centre. Also, she is a member of IDA (Indian Dietetics Association).

Now, following is the list of personalized diet plans for differed illnesses or disorders offered by Dietitian Priyanka –

  • Weight Loss Program
  • Weight Gain Program
  • Diabetic Diet Plan
  • Thyroid Diet Plan
  • Therapeutic programs in specific Disorder
  • Healthy Heart Diet Plan
  • Cholesterol Related Diet
  • Kidney diet
  • Pregnancy and Lactation Diet Plan
  • PCOS- Diet For PCOS
  • Diet for gym lover
  • CANCER Diet Programme

Apart from the above-mentioned diet plans. she also provides plans for patients with diabetes, blood disorders, post-surgery recovery, heart disease, and many more. Moreover, the one thing that makes her diet plan differ is that she designed each and every diet plan as per the body. She covers various aspects such as current body status, future goals, nutritional requirements, medical history, allergies, age, and purpose of the diet plan.

Why choose Dietitian Priyanka?

  • To begin with, she is offering online consultant services in Rohtak at affordable rates.
  • Also, she is an experienced and qualified license dietitian from Chandigarh.
  • Most importantly, the focus on individual requirements. Also, she does not promise and offers crash diets.
  • At last, she has a wide range of personalized diet plans and has clients from all over India.

Contact Details for Online Dietitian In Rohtak

Name: Dietitian Priyanka Mittal

Address: SCO-2463-2464, 2nd Floor, JW Marriott hotel Lane, Near Dr. Ashok Sharma’s cornea center, Sector-22 C, Chandigarh

Phone: +917814012767 or +91-9779217001

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

Q – Who is the Leading dietitian for weight loss in Rohtak?

A – Dietitian Priyanka Mittal is the leading weight loss dietitian in Rohtak.

Q – Who is the affordable dietitian in Rohtak?

A –  Dietitian Priyanka offers personalized diet plans at affordable rates.

Q – What will be the average charges of a dietitian in Rohtak?

A –  Average charges can be range between 2.5k -3k monthly in Rohtak.

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