Online Dietitian In Ujjain– A healthy diet is one of the main reasons to prevent a person from a chronic disease. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you must eat a healthy diet. A balanced diet prevents diseases like heart problems, stroke, obesity, and diabetes. But, here is the catch, the definition of healthy food may differ for a lot of people. It is due to various reasons.

Online Dietitian In UjjainSome people might be intolerant of carbohydrates or some might be allergic to any kind of protein. Some might be allergic to any kind of food or some might be lactose intolerant. To understand all these things about your body you need to ping a dietitian. If you are looking for an Online Dietitian In Ujjain, Dietitian Priyanka is the right one for you. For more information call us at +91-9779217001 or email us at

Food In The Balanced Diet

It is important to understand the food before having it as a meal. A right portion of every food is very much important. When you are having any kind of food in your meal, you must understand the right proportion of food required by your body. For this, you need a well-experienced dietitian. We have here explained the types of food required by your body to make it fit and healthy.

Carbohydrates: Or food that contains starch such as Rice,  bread, potatoes, etc.

Protein: Or body-building food such as eggs, meat, pulses, nuts, tofu, soy, and seafood.

Fibrous Food and Water: As we all know our body is made up of 70% of water. Therefore, the water required by our body is also in a very large quantity. Talking about fibrous foods, fruits and vegetables contain the most fibers. Fibers are helpful for the digestive system.

Vitamins and Minerals: Though these are required in very low quantity they are important for our immune system and our hormones. So we need to have vitamin-rich food.

Milk and Dairy products: Milk and dairy products are very much important in our diet. It is due to the rich quantity of protein in them.

The other group is fat. Though, we all have a wrong perception about the fat that it leads to weight gain. But fat is required by our body to get the energy to do physical work.

About Online Dietitian In Ujjain

Dietitian Priyanka is one of the best dietitians all over India. She is an important and an eminent member of IDA or the Indian Dietetics Association. The dietitian has already changed the lives of hundreds of people. She holds experience of about 6 years. Priyanka had previously worked as a Diabetic Instructor in Diabetic Research Center and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. She also has experience as a dietitian in Apollo hospital.

Why do we eat food? Obviously for survival. Dietitian Priyanka gives the best food recipes so that her clients should get scared of a healthy diet. She is passionate about trying new food and recipes. Her love and commitment to her specialization lead her to be the leading online dietitian in Ujjain.

She provides a disease-specific diet as well. These diseases are mostly chronic such as diabetes, cancer, heart problems, or obesity. Her diet plans are based upon the requirement of nutrition by her client’s body. If you don’t have time to come directly to her clinic, you can opt for this online diet program. This is the safest option these days because most of the people these days are choosing online due to Covid-19.

Services Provided

We provided a lot of services such as Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator, Weight loss program, Weight gain program, Thyroid diet plan, Therapeutic programs in specific disorder, Diabetic diet plan, Cholesterol related diet, Heart problems related diet, Pregnancy and lactation diet, Kidney diet, and Cancer diet plans. All these services are provided in the online diet program in Ujjain.

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