Top Dietitians Of Ontario – Online dietitians in Ontario are competent health experts who advance healthy eating and treat medical problems. All things considered, the best dietitians give the right advice as per your well-being. Their viable way of tackling a healthy life allows individuals to work on a solid lifestyle. If you are looking for the Top dietitian of Ontario, below are the specifics of the top dietitians in Ontario.

Top Dietitians Of OntarioYou may really need to switch your eating routine to a smooth diet, but it can help you control or stave off many diseases like diabetes, weight gain, coronary infections, and malignant growths. A good dietitian will guide your eating plan. To help you find your best dietitian, our brief below will help you.

List of Top Dietitians of Ontario

Considering all the things, then the best dieticians give the right advice according to your health. Everyone has an alternative healthy level. As a result, to achieve this, interesting and amazing diet plans have been adopted.

Priyanka Mittal

Dietician Priyanka is an important dietitian who gives diet plans. Additionally, he has a vast experience of 6 years. The dietitian makes it a point to get the prerequisites of his clients. He has the answer to all your medical problems. Along with this, she gives new plans to her patients. His eating plan is reasonable and practical which helps in tackling the weight and maintaining the strength of the body. Additionally, with more than 7 years of involvement, she is regularly serving the patients with the best food arrangements. Apart from this, she inspires people to lead a healthy life.

Contact Details

Name – Priyanka Mittal

Address – SCO 12, GF, Amcare Plaza, VIP Road, Zirakpur, Punjab, India – 140603

Phone – 09779217001, 07988605588

Nancy Bevilacqua

Nancy Bevilacqua, a pioneer in dietetics and livelihoods, has long worked as an enrolled dietitian. He has a Master of Health Science Certificate in Community Nutrition from the University of Toronto. Gained considerable involvement in guiding clients on an assortment of remedial concerns including Weight & Stoutness Counter, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Stomach related problems. She provides guidance, expert nutrition to individuals and families. Whether you’re focused on weight loss or have a specific career health concern, these will help you achieve your life goals.

Sarah Jean-Noel

Sarah Jean-Noel is a registered dietitian in-store at Aurora and Real Canadian Superstores in Whitby, Ontario. Work with them to get a custom-made subsistence plan and find out how to explore nutrition pathways to better well-being. Contact Us We’ll talk about your health concerns and investigate which nutrition service will best help you. We work with a wide range of clients to handle a variety of nutritional and medical problems.

Martina Luketich Registered Dietitian

Martina Luketich is an in-store registered dietitian and livelihood master at Two Lobla Supermarket in Toronto, Ontario. With our dietary patterns taking the squeeze out of each course, Martina can help you track the food decisions that best fit your one-of-a-kind wellness purposes. It helps you to take the pressure off the food. Martina aims to help individuals on their journey as they understand that they can be their happiest and best selves without attempting another eating routine.

Jean LaMantia

Would you like to work with a dietitian who cares for you? Does it think about your own objectives as well as your clinical analysis? With many years of involvement with the nutrition sector, Jean LaMantia has helped endless clients meet their subsistence objectives with a customized nutrition plan. Jean LaMantia is an enrolled dietitian and malignant growth survivor and is available to monitor your disease during treatment and help you promote your eating regimen after treatment has stopped.

Pauline Bakowski 

Would you like to know how nutrition can help combat a specific persistent infection or condition, such as Crohn’s disease, diabetes, or coronary disease? Pauline Bakowski is a registered dietitian who can assist you in your search for the sometimes confusing and conflicting nutrition guidance available on the web, in the media, and through a variety of sources. As someone living with Crohn’s disease, I have an outstanding interest in clinical information, survival insight, and the services of healthy treatments for inflammatory bowel disease.


Infertility, discharge, leucorrhoea, many diseases, hair fall, removal of problems, deficiency, skin sensitivity, etc. are treated with the help of a dietician mentioned earlier. Despite the fact that health disturbances from choosing the structure of the food system are very common, we can compensate for those problems without any system. The above list will help you choose the Top Dietitians Of Ontario.

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