Best Post Pregnancy Diet Plan – Eager to get back in shape after delivery your baby? Most of the women start taking non-healthy food to lose pounds in a few days. You should have to choose a healthy way to shed those extra calories from your body. If you are the one whose search is about what is the best post pregnancy diet plan then here we have all you need to know. You can also connect with Dietitian Priyanka who is the reputed dietitian in Chandigarh. Even you can take her services online also. Her diet plan contains all the healthy nutrients which help to lose weight in just a few days.

Best Post Pregnancy Diet PlanDuring pregnancy, you may have gained extra weight which is quite natural. But now you want to lose that extra pounds from your body as you have delivered your baby. Here we have some healthy tips to lose extra weight after pregnancy. So instead of rushing for an unplanned diet plan, we recommend you to start following this healthy meal plan. Or you can contact Dietitian Priyanka who will guide you in the best possible way. For further query, feel free to contact us at +919779217001 or you can also send us your queries through e-mail @

Best Post Pregnancy Diet Plan

Eating healthy is very important for pregnant women and a new mother. The body of a woman needs time to repair after delivering the baby. So do not start losing weight so early. Give your body sometime after the postpartum. There is no magical way to lose weight but it can be take off with a healthy meal plan. Here we have mentioned some healthy meal plans to lose weight after postpartum.

Low-Fat Dairy Products

Dairy products are considered as the best part in the diet during breastfeeding. These products contain milk, cheese, yogurt, and many other products. They are considered as the excellent source of protein, calcium, and vitamin B. For the bone development your baby absorbs calcium from the breastmilk. So take rich calcium foods in your diet. To meet the daily requirement of calcium in your body you should have to take three cups of dairy products in your meal plan.

Pack On Protein

High-protein foods contain hunger-fighting hormone. You can take it from many sources like eggs, fish. These foods are also rich in vitamin B12 and iron, both of these increases the energy levels. Just be aware to choose lean cuts of meat and extra intake of fats.

Eat Anti Inflammatory Foods

Try eating anti-inflammatories like green tea, berries, species like garlic and turmeric. Avoid taking processed sugar which increases inflammation and also raises blood sugar.

Fish Oil

Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are considered the best to boost the infant’s cognitive, motor development, and sensory. Breast milk is rich in DHA which is a type of rich Omega-3 fatty acids that helps in brain growth of the child.


Breastfeeding reduces the size of the uterus. It helps the uterus contract and returns to its normal size faster after the postpartum.

Eat Foods High In Fiber

Foods which are high in fiber has been considered as the best to lose weight. You can add soluble fiber to your meal plan which slows down the digestion and also reduces the hunger hormone level.


Now you can get back in the shape with a healthy food as we have provided here the complete information about the best post pregnancy diet plan. To get the best tips about healthy weight loss, we recommend you to get in contact with Dietitian Priyanka. She is one of the best dietitians in the city with more than 5 years of experience. Her meal plan is considered as the miracle to get back in shape. So what are you waiting for? Connect immediately with Dietitian Priyanka. In case of any further query, you can also visit our official website.

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