Best Calcium Rich Indian Food – Calcium is an essential body mineral. Besides making our bones and teeth stronger, calcium has several health benefits. It is the most abundant mineral present in the human body. Consuming foods rich in calcium keep us safe from many health-related problems. These foods help in boosting up your overall health. In this blog, we will tell you about the Best Calcium Rich Indian Foods.

List Of Best Calcium Rich Indian FoodIn humans, 99% of calcium is in teeth and bones. However, our body keeps on losing its calcium content through skin, nails, hair, sweat, urine, and feces. Nor is our body capable of producing calcium on its own. Thus, we need to give it the amount of calcium it requires. For this purpose, we need to consume calcium-rich foods and calcium’s health supplements. Here we will present before you a list of the top high calcium natural foods.

Health Advantages of Having Foods Rich in Calcium

The most vital reason for eating foods enriched with calcium is that they make our bones stronger. Thus, they keep us safe from various bone and joint issues and health problems like osteoporosis, arthritis, etc. Moreover, they enable our nervous system to function properly. Calcium-rich foods empower strength to our muscles and safeguard us against various heart problems. Furthermore, foods containing calcium with Vitamin D helps us stay away from problems like cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

List of the Top Indian Calcium-Rich Foods

Everyone must maintain the ideal calcium level their body requires. The recommended dietary allowance for daily calcium intake is:

  • For Men & Women below 50 – 1000mg per day
  • For Men & Women above 50 – 1200mg per day

To meet these diet requirements, have a look at the calcium-rich foods you should eat:


It is one to topmost calcium-rich foods. A single slice or 28 gm of cheese contains 202 mg of calcium. Plus, the different varieties of cheese available are even higher in terms of calcium content. 28 gm of Parmesan Cheese contains 331 mg of Calcium. Thus, besides adding a perfect taste to your food, cheese gifts your body the amount of calcium it needs.


Not only is yogurt rich in probiotic bacteria, but it also is heavily rich with calcium. A single cup of yogurt contains nearly 170 mg of Calcium. Moreover, it also contains essential vitamins and minerals like phosphorus, potassium and vitamins B2, and B12. Plus, the different types of yogurt available are also rich in calcium. A cup of low-fat yogurt gives you nearly 300 mg of Calcium.

Beans & Lentils

Such foods are highly rich in calcium, fiber, and protein. Beans such as white beans, winged beans are a good source of calcium. A cup of cooked winged beans imparts to us 244 mg of calcium. Similarly, there are various other beans and lentils. These not only avoid calcium deficiencies but also help us fight against bad cholesterol, blood pressure issues, etc.


There are varieties of available seeds that assist your body to meet its calcium requirements. Seeds such as Poppy, Sesame, Chia Seeds and celery are rich in nutrients. 1 tbsp of poppy seeds gives you 126 mg of calcium. Similarly, 1 oz of Chia Seeds gives you 179 mg of calcium.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Vegetables like spinach, collard green, cabbages, etc. are quite beneficial for our health. Besides providing us calcium, they help us fight various sight-related issues. One cup (190gms) of collard green contains around 270 mg of calcium.


This is the most common diet we Indians intake to fulfill our body’s calcium requirements. Milk is quite rich in calcium. Moreover, it is considered amongst the primary food sources for calcium. A cup (244g) of milk gifts us 305 mg of calcium.


In the end, you can search for all such similar calcium-rich foods on the internet. Make these foods a part of your daily diet. Eat healthily and enjoy a life free from all sorts of troubles, stress, and worries forever!

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