Best Vegan Diet Plan For Weight Gain – For some people gaining weight is as much difficult as losing extra pounds from the body. But it is not so difficult as now you can gain healthy weight with the vegan meal plan. Here we have provided the best vegan diet plan for weight plan which contains all the nutrients, vitamins, and other essential proteins. Now you have the opportunity to get the best vegan meal plan from the best dietitian, Dietitian Priyanka. She is one of the most famous, reputed, reliable, and passionate nutritionists in Chandigarh.

Best Vegan Diet Plan For Weight GainVegan meal plan includes only nuts, vegetables, fruits, beans, and seeds which can help in weight gain if taken in the appropriate amount. Dietitian Priyanka is one of the best dieticians in Chandigarh which also offers her services online in different cities of India. So connect immediately with her and get the best tips for healthy weight gain. In case of any further query, feel free to contact us at +919779217001 or you can also send us your queries through e-mail

Best Vegan Diet Plan For Weight Gain

There is doubt in many people mind that it is impossible to gain weight with the vegetarian meal plan. Well, here we have mentioned some tips which help you to add extra fats in your body. So let’s start to discuss this.

Eat More

One of the best steps to add extra fat in your body is to start to eat more. Increase your portion size in your meals. It is simply impossible to add those extra kilos without eating more. If you eat a half cup of cooked rice then increase it to one, if you are taking one tablespoon of peanut butter then increase it to two. In this way increase your portion size of every meal. This will also increase your energy level.

Start Eating More Often

If you are taking 3 meals a day then its fine. But start having some snacks between them. You can add 3-4 snack times between your meals. This is also good for the digestion system because you are not large quantities at one time. In your snacks you can take energy-dense snacks like nuts, seeds, trail mix, raw bars, bliss balls, dried fruits, dates, vegan yogurt with muesli, homemade muffins and slices, smoothies, bananas with nut butter, toast with nut butter, rice cakes, avocado, bananas, or hummus, etc. These all the snacks are good at energy and helps you add extra weight in your body.

Have Calorie Dense Food

As we all know that gaining extra pounds is also as much as difficult as losing. So not make it even harder by taking a fruit, salads, and melons only. Start taking calorie dense food. You can take rice or quinoa, wraps, pasta, bread, couscous, potato or sweet potato. Even you can take protein-dense foods like lentils, tofu, chickpeas, beans, tempeh, nuts, avocado, tahini etc.

Drink Your Food

Drinking your food is so much easier for the stomach to digest. You can add nutrient-dense smoothie in your meal per day. To make a nutrient-dense smoothie you can use mango, frozen bananas, berries, with chia seeds, oats, flaxseed meal, vegan protein powder, avocado, nut butter, plant milk, and vegan yogurt. Instead of that, you can even include fruit juice, chai, turmeric lattes made with plant milk, hot chocolate, and drinking coconut water throughout the day.

These are the best to add extra pounds in the body. To get the best meal plan, connect yourself with Nutritionist Priyanka.


Now you can easily gain healthy fat in your body as we have provided here the complete information about the best vegan diet plan for weight gain. Dietician Priyanka is one of the reputed nutritionists who provides the best meal plan excludes any animal products. Her meal plan helps a lot of people to gain perfect body shape. So what are you waiting now? Connect immediately with her and get the chance to gain weight with the vegetarian meal plan. If you need any further query about weight gain then visit our official website.

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