Top 10 Dietitians In Hyderabad – Nowadays, normally people are health conscious and follow diet plans to maintain their health. Only Diet is not helpful to maintain health, a balanced diet keeps the body fit & fine. We all know that “A HEALTHY BODY IS THE REFLECTION OF HEALTHY SOUL” but still we do nothing to fulfill the body’s requirements. If you are also looking for the top 10 dietitians in Hyderabad, here are the best solutions for your search.

Top 10 Dietitians In Hyderabad

A dietitian is the ocean of nutritional knowledge that helps to make the body healthy. Everyone can be a dietitian but it takes more time to be a professional in the dietitian field. To guide you accurately, we shortlisted the top 10 dietitians in Hyderabad who will guide you about the healthy tips this is beneficial for your holistic development.

List of Top 10 Dietitians in Hyderabad

When it is a matter of health, then no one wants to take the risk of choosing a random dietitian without any search. So to provide ease here is the list of the best top 10 dietitians in Hyderabad.

1. Priyanka

Dt. Priyanka is the top-notch dietitian in Hyderabad. She runs her clinic in Panchkula, Chandigarh as well as she is also very famous in Hyderabad too through the medium of the Internet. Dietitian Shubhra provides online diet plans to serve people with health issues. Her diet plans are very smooth and suit every person’s daily life. Dt. Priyanka believes in “SIMPLE EATING, HEALTHY LIVING”.

Moreover, the nutritional diet plans have effective outputs, which impress the clients and also encourage them to do more for a healthy life. In the entire dietitian journey, she also cures health problems such as; Cholesterol problems, Diabetes, Thyroid, Therapeutic Disorder, and Heart issues, PCOS, Kidney issues. Her clinic’s name is Priyanka’s Diet Clinic.

Name Dietitian Priyanka Mittal
Location PAN India Service Is Available
Services Thyroid plan, Healthy heart diet plan, Kidney diet, Diabetic diet plan, Weight loss program, and many more.
Address 1 Zirkapur Address:- SCO 33 First floor, Apple Height’s, VIP Rd, Above More Supermarket, Zirakpur
Address 2 Chandigarh Address:- SCO-1066-67, First Floor, Sector 22B, Chandigarh
Phone No. +919779217001
Email Id 
Google Maps

2. Shubhra

She is a renowned dietitian in Hyderabad. Dt. Shubhra is very famous for its weight-loss diet plans, and she satisfied clients with creative diet plans. She believes in quality services and with the help of simple ingredients, Dietitian Shubhra earns a great client base. Clinic Name: – Nutri Diet Clinic

Address: – 835, Veetrag Vatika, Urban Estate, Sector 7, Opp. Civil Hospital, Ambala City, Haryana.

3. Nupur Malhotra

Dt, Nupur is the popular nutrition in Hyderabad. She has the experience of long term in the dietitian field and with her exclusive experience, she makes people healthy as well as disease-free. Presently, she runs her diet clinic in Panchkula.

Clinic Name: – Dt. Nupur Malhotra

Address: – Diet Clinic, 79, Sector 17, Panchkula – 134108, Near Manimajra Housing Board.

4. Jyoti Chabria

Dr. Jyoti Chabria is a well-known dietitian in Hyderabad. She has a great journey to the renowned hospital. Currently, she is working in the diet clinic in Hyderabad and offers the best diet plans to people.

Address: Nutriline – The wellness clinic, #09, Ground Floor, Golden Hawk Complex., P.G Road, Secunderabad. Landmark: Adjacent to State Bank of Hyderabad, Landmark: Adjacent to State Bank of Hyderabad, Hyderabad.

5. Nafeesa Imteyaz

She is a renowned dietitian in Hyderabad. In the long journey, she makes many people healthy and aware them of healthy eating habits. Dr. Nafeesa Imteyaz was also part of Fortis Hospital and served many patients there.

Address: First Eat Right, Regus Midtown, 1st Floor Mid Town Plaza, Road Number 1, and Landmark: Mid Town Plaza, Hyderabad.

6. Radha Kumari

She is the top-class dietitian in Hyderabad. Dr. Radha Kumari. Dr. Radha Kumari is best for the weight loss diet plans. Her diet plans have instant results that reflect on the body.

Address: Apollo Clinic, 9 #1-58/91/SS Suresh Square Madeenaguda Seri Lingampally, Mandal Ranga Reddy District, Hyderabad.

7. Vanisree

Dr. Vanisree is a dietitian in Hyderabad. With her services to reduce hypertension, stress, she makes a good client base. She serves the clients only with diet plans without medicines. The balanced diet system helps people develop healthy eating habits and an appropriate lifestyle to stay fit and fine in the long run.

Address: Tanvika Dietfit, Shop No.A6, 1st Floor, Kapil Complex, 21/A 6th Phase, KPHB Colony, Hyderabad.

8. Sujatha Stephen

Dr. Sujatha Stephen is the top dietitian in Hyderabad with more than 15 years of healthcare experience. Presently, she works as the chief nutritional at MaxCure Hospital Madhapur. She has also experience in Cardiology, Diabetic segment, Gastroenterology, Pediatrics, Nephrology, and Oncology.

Address: 9/50, New Dilshuknagar Colony, Near Andhra Bank, Dilshuknagar, Hyderabad, 500060

9. Deepa Agarwal

Dr. Deepa Agarwal is a good dietitian in Hyderabad. Her services include weight loss, fat loss, reduced belly/ tummy fat, weight gain, muscle mass, diet in pregnancy and lactation, pediatrics, diabetic diet, hypertension, cardiovascular, renal issues, bariatrics, cancer, sports nutrition, PCOD, and PCOS.

Address: Tanvir Hospital, 8-3-833, Plot Number 100, Phase 1, Kamalapuri Colony, Sri Nagar Colony, Landmark: Near Satya Sai Kalyana Mandapam, Hyderabad.

10. S. Lall

Dr. Lall is an outstanding dietitian in Hyderabad. He applies his expertise in psychology, nutrition, diet, naturopathy, and fitness to create a nutritional system that educates the patient about the importance, basis, and contents of a balanced diet.

Address: Dr. Lall’s CLEAR Clinic, 201, Shreya Nest, 21, R.K. Nagar, Attapur, Hyderabad – 500048.

Why Dt. Priyanka is the best dietitian in Hyderabad.

Dietitian plays an important role in maintaining the body fit and healthy. Behind the health of healthy people, there is a dietitian. In the busy era, it is the need of a person to hire a dietitian who can guide you about healthy schedules. The above Dietitians are the top 10 dietitians in Hyderabad who provide online as well as offline diet plans to clients and ensure positive results. If you also want to consult the dietitian, you can JOIN NOW.

Some FAQs

Question – Are Dietitians Is In Demand In Hyderabad?

Answer – Yes, Dietitians are high in demand in Hyderabad because people are interested in maintaining good health and stopping many diseases. 

Question – Who Is The Top Dietitian In Hyderabad?

Answer – Dietitian Priyanka Mittal is one of the top dietitians in Hyderabad.

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