If you are eating a vegetarian diet. These vegetarian protein sources make it easy to fill your protein. Protein is an important nutrient to increase and maintain muscles and keep your skin and hair strong and healthy. It also helps keep you full.
According to the dietary guidelines, women require 46 grams of protein and men require 56 grams of protein (but it varies depending on the level of activity, age and more). Learn how much protein you should eat every day.

Plant Based Proteins

100g Chickpeas gives 19g of protein
100g Soybean gives 16.6 g protein (cooked)
100g Beans gives 11g of protein
100g Lentil gives 9g of protein
100g Tofu gives 8g of protein
100g Oats gives 11g of protein
100g Brown rice gives 7.9g of protein
100g Quinoa gives 8g of protein
100g Peanut butter gives 25 g of protein
100g Oats gives 11g protein
100g Avocado gives 2 g of protein
100g Broccoli gives 5 g of protein
100g Edamame gives 2.8 g of protein

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