Online Dietitian In Jodhpur

Online Dietitian In Jodhpur –  Are you looking for a reliable Online Dietitian In Jodhpur? Dietitian Priyanka Mittal is here to help you to lose weight even if you have any mental health conditions. She is a weight management expert that knows how to make a personalized diet plan for her each client. Her clinic is in Chandigarh and also running online diet consultations in Jodhpur as well.

Online Dietitian In Jodhpur

Getting in touch with a dietitian will help you to find the best diet plan and what’s your body lacking in terms of nutrition. There is not only expert advice but a motivation to push each day towards reaching your goal. Dietitian Priyanka Mittal is an expert in weight management that will provide you with customized diet plans at a very affordable range. Dietitian Priyanka has over 10 years of experience and has over 1000 clients across the country.

Therefore, if you want a diet consultant service in Jodhpur Rajasthan from Dietitian Priyanka Mittal, then call us and book your appointment slot at +91-7814012767 or +91-9779217001 or email us at

Why You Need A Dietitian In Jodhpur?

There are simple reasons why you need a dietitian in Jodhpur. A dietitian is a registered person with a degree in Food & Nutrition. The dietitian help in finding the perfect match of food, nutrition, and fitness for a person. Also, even if you have some illnesses such as diabetes, blood pressure, etc. Dietitians keep that condition in mind while planning a diet plan for a person. There are some main reasons that you should seek a dietitian for your own benefits-

  1. If you want to lose some weight or gain some extra kilos.
  2. If you have some chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, etc.
  3. Also, if a person suffering from allergies and any digestive disorders.
  4. If you are an athletic, fitness, and gym lover.
  5. You can see a dietitian if you have a picky kid.

Easy Way To Start Losing Weight

  1. Drinking water is very important. On average, a person should drink  4 bottles of water daily. Sometimes we crave food result of dehydration. You can also introduce some calorie-free drinks in your diet such as green tea.
  2. Avoid late-night sacking or if you still have some comfort food while watching your favourite series then you can choose some healthy alternative or take small portions of your snacks.
  3. It is okay to enjoy your favourite meal or food sometimes. But remember to cut a portion of the other meals of that day and do some extra pushups the next day.
  4. Rather than eating all at once, try to divide your daily meals into small portions. In this way, you will not crave or feel hungry all the time. Eating once lead to overeating. So, avoid this mistake.
  5. Make sure you are eating a balanced diet. Your food must have all the macro and microelements. Protein is a must to lose weight.
  6. Add some spices to your food. The study showed spicy food prevent overeating.
  7. Look for a healthy alternative for your favourite snacks and fast food. Or you can cook at home which is much healthier.
  8. Replace big and white plates with small and coloured plates. This will help in controlling the psychology of your brain while eating.
  9. Sleeping on time and having a good sleep is important to lose weight.
  10. Eat more veggies and fruits. To avoid overeating, drink one glass of water 15-20 min before eating your meal.

Personalized Services Offered By Dietitian Priyanka Mittal

  • Diabetes meal regime
  • Weight Management Meal Regime
  • Osteoporosis Meal Regime
  • Thyroid Meal Regime
  • BMI/BMR Calculating Service
  • GI Plans and Regimes
  • Pre & Post Operative Diet Regimes
  • Sports nutrition Meal Regimes
  • Renal issue Meal Regimes
  • Meal Regimes for High-Low Blood Pressure
  • Meal Regimes for High Cholesterol
  • Nutritional Meal Regimes for Children
  • Detoxification Meal Regimes
  • Pregnant Females Pre and Post Delivery Meal Regimes

Why Dietitian Priyanka Mittal as the Best Dieticians In Jodhpur Rajasthan?

There are some highlights features that make Dietitian Priyanka Mittal the Top and Best Dietitian In Jodhpur and the rest of the country. Here you will get-

  • Personalised diet plans
  • No fake promises & crash courses
  • Quite Affordable
  • Available throughout India
  • Diet plans for Chronic diseases and  illnesses
  • Online consultants save time and money
  • Over 10+ years of experience

Contact Details for Online Dietitian In Jodhpur

Name: Dietitian Priyanka Mittal

Address: SCO-2463-2464, 2nd Floor, JW Marriott hotel Lane, Near Dr. Ashok Sharma’s cornea center, Sector-22 C, Chandigarh

Phone: +917814012767 or +91-9779217001


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q – How much do online dietitians cost in Jodhpur?

A – On average, there will be around 3k for online dietitians in Jodhpur.

Q – Which site is the best online diet consultant in Jodhpur?

A – You can check out or you can even call at +91-7814012767 or +91-9779217001 to book your appointment with a dietitian.

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