Best Dietitian for Weight Management – Weight management is very important for all of us to remain healthy throughout your life span. It is important to focus on a healthy lifestyle. This can be done by taking healthy foods and doing regular exercises. Connecting with the best dietitian for weight management can be helpful for you.

Best Dietitian For Weight ManagementDietitian Priyanka Mittal is one of the best dietitians for weight management in Chandigarh. She is the eminent healthcare professionals who provide her services online also. Her main aim is to guide you in the right direction towards attaining a healthy weight as well as body. For your more health-related queries, call us at 09779217001 or you can send your queries at

What is Weight Management?

Weight management is the process of adopting a significant lifestyle to maintain a healthy body weight. This mainly includes eating a healthy diet and following a moderate exercise routine in your daily life. Overweight or obese people may have many health problems due to their obesity issue. So, it is better to stay away from those problems by maintaining a healthy weight.

Importance of Weight Management

Reducing extra kilos from your body is important because weighing too much is not good for your health. Weight management is very important as it may increase your risk of health conditions like heart-related problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, osteoarthritis, and many other problems.

The best way of losing excess weight is to eat lesser calories in your daily life routine and by doing physical activities that keep you fit. A dietitian or a healthcare provider can guide you in the best way regarding your weight loss process. The will set perfect goals for you by suggesting you healthy food eating plans.

Some Important Steps to Follow for Weight Management

It is considered essential that your body should receive all the necessary nutrients for having a comfortable weight. Some of the important steps that should be followed for proper weight management are as follows.

  • You should eat plenty of vegetables including green leafy vegetables, legumes, and beans.
  • Add whole grains in your diet such as bread, cereals, rice, pasta, noodles, oats, barley, etc. in your diet.
  • Drink loads of water to keep your body hydrated from inside.
  • Include dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. in your diet.
  • Limit foods that contain saturated fat, added sugars, processed foods, added salt, and alcohol.

Best Way to Lose Weight

The best method to reduce weight is by reducing the number of calories you eat while increasing the number of calories you burn through physical exercises. This can be achieved either by cutting out some food items from your diet or by increasing physical activities. You should perform more and more fitness activities in your daily life activities.

A Good Diet Plan for Successful & Healthy Weight Loss

A concise diet plan can help you in reducing the extra kilos and for reducing weight.

Morning Time Meal

Your morning time meal should include the following.

  • Lemon juice mixed with some amount of honey
  • Omelet with milk, oats, or wheat bran
  • Fruits salad with sprouts
  • Vegetable Poha or Upma
  • Slices of brown bread with skimmed milk cheese

Lunch Time Meal

Your lunch should never include heavier meals if you want to lose weight. You can have the following items in your lunch.

  • Boiled or roasted chicken
  • Vegetable Daliya
  • Include curd in your meal.
  • Boiled Dal with two chupatties.

Dinner Time Meal

You should have light dinner and have it 3 4 hours before going to bed. Your dinner should include.

  • Vegetable soup or soybean soup
  • Boiled eggs
  • Chicken or tuna salad
  • Boiled Dal

Dietitian Priyanka: Best Dietitian for Weight Management

Dietitian Priyanka Mittal is one of the leading health care service providers in Chandigarh. She is regarded as the perfect nutritionists for weight management and has an experience of over 5 years in the Nutrition Solutions Industry. Her health-related services are available online also. Her main aim is to suggest your healthy diet plans in order to provide proper nutrition to your body.

So, if you want to manage your weight and want health tips for remaining healthy, then connect yourself with Dietitian Priyanka. She is the best dietitian for weight management in Chandigarh.

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