High Uric Acid Diet Plan

High Uric Acid Diet Plan – Undoubtedly, Excess Uric Acid in the stomach gives birth to Gout, Kidney stones, and Heart Diseases. If unluckily you have this problem then you have to follow a High Uric Acid Diet Plan to fight this problem. This diet plans to assist in lower Uric Acid levels in the blood. Apart from this, through A perfect diet plan of Uric Acid, we usually limit the intake of foods that are low in purines that can help to flush uric acid out of the body.

High Uric Acid Diet Plan

Dietitian Priyanka can help you in this case. She is a very renowned Dietician and has years of experience. If you want to get more information about her, then call her at +919779217001 and also can drop a message email dietitianpriyankachd@gmail.com. Moreover, she also provides online Diet Consultancy in all parts of the world. In this article, you will get to know about What will happen if our body has High Uric Acid, a Diet plan, and also what we should and should not do at this time.

What is Uric Acid?

It first seems quite strange that our stomach has some amount of Uric acid. Basically Uric acid is what remains in the food digestion cycle after complete food is digested and absorbed by the body. The excess Uric acid is firstly filtered by the Kidneys and then excreted through the urine passage. Most importantly, if unfortunately, the body fails totally to throw out the uric acid, then it is bad for our health. It started to deposit uric acid by itself in the form of solid crystals in our bodies. If your body has excess production of Uric acid or we can say it fails to excrete the acid from the body completely. Then, it results in higher-than-normal levels of uric acid in the blood.

What will happen if the body has excess Uric acid?

If you have untreated high uric acid levels, it will damage the bones, joints, and Tendons of your body.

  • Bones: Excess Uric acid increases the bone fracture risk. It happens because oxidative stress and inflammatory cytokines increase bone resorption and decrease bone formation.
  • Tendons: If excess Uric acid is not treated on time then this situation can cause damage to your Tendons by crystal deposits on tendons. This can cause the skin to wear down and eventually which can lead to infection. Apart from this Tendons can tear which can lead to loss of function.
  • Joints: Due to High Uric acid, it makes urate crystals in your joints. These crystals cause inflammation and intense pain in your Joints.

High Uric Acid Diet Plan

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts given below:

What we should not do at the time of High Uric Acid:

  • First and foremost we should not skip our meals. This will force you to eat snacks at the time of skipping meals. Eating snacks will be bad for your health.
  • Secondly, If you consume soft drinks, cookies, cakes, doughnuts, pastries, chips, and confectionery then it will be very harmful to you. Don’t take these kinds of products.
  • Apart from this, do not eat food outside or in shops if you are feeling hungry. This makes you suffer.
  • Also, Do not eat above two to three pieces of fruit per day, and try to chew food properly. Do not be in a hurry.

What we should do at the time of High Uric Acid:

  • As vegetables are good for your body then it is more at the time of Excess Uric Acid. Moreover, try to add them to every meal.
  • Drink plenty of water at the time because if you are thirsty you can become hungry.
  • Don’t forget to exercise for at least 30 minutes each day. Your exercise can be like Brisk walking, team sport, cycling, and swimming.
  • A high uric acid diet plan is a diet that is designed to help lower uric acid levels in the blood. Purines are found in some foods, such as red meat, seafood, and organic meats.


High Uric Acid will make your life hell by giving you many painful diseases. So it should be treated on time. We should follow a High Uric Acid Diet Plan to fight this problem. If you have this problem then talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

FAQs about High Uric Acid Diet Plan

Question 1) Can we Consume Protein on a High Uric Acid Diet?

Answer – Yes, you can eat some foods that are rich in lean protein.

Question 2) What are the common foods that should be avoided at the time of High Uric Acid?

Answer – Organ meats, Shelldish, sugar beverages, and many more that are high in Purines should be avoided.

Question 3) What is the main cause of Gout in the body?

Answer – It is caused because of the condition of Hyperuricemia in the body. This condition comes when there is too much uric acid in the body.

Question 4) Are seafood bad for health?

Answer – Seafood like shellfish is very bad for health hence it should be eaten in limited quantities.

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