Best Diet plan for wheat Allergy – If you are allergic to wheat then it’s better to stay away from all foods or products that contain wheat, as the key to allergy-free diet is to keep yourself away from food that contains ingredients you are allergic to.  Wheat found in many foods and to keep aware of the food that contains wheat keep on reading the blog.

In this blog dietitian, Priyanka Mittal will guide you with the best diet plan for wheat allergy. Where she’ll tell you about the food that contain wheat and what are the allergic reactions that can be caused by wheat.

Best Diet Plan For Wheat Allergy

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What is Wheat?

Wheat is a cereal grain that is a worldwide staple food. It is a grass widely ploughed for its seed. Wheat production is heavier than other food crops which were 220.4 million hectares in 2014. And in 2016, world production of wheat was 749 million tones which make it 2nd most-produced cereal after maize. Wheat is an important food for human nutrition, but also it comes with some allergic reactions to which we will be discussing in the blog. The information that this blog contains would be helpful for those who are allergic to wheat.

What are the allergic reactions caused by Wheat?

Wheat is a common cereal grain. This food ingredient is mostly used to make Australian food such as bread, breakfast cereals, pasta and baked goods that we Indian also love to eat. Wheat offers a number of different proteins but it has allergic reactions too. Those who have allergy from wheat usually suffer from anaphylaxis and hives. These reactions can be caused by even very small amount of wheat.

Follow the Best Diet plan for wheat Allergy by Dietitian Priyanka

To prevent a reaction caused by wheat it is important that you avoid food that contains wheat. Before eating, always read the label and ask questions about ingredients added in food that is not prepared by you. Following is the diet menu for you that you should be following in order to avoid wheat allergy.

In Breakfast – Start your beautiful day with healthy breakfast that contains skim milk, banana, almonds, olive oil, and margarine. For those who are allergic to wheat try going for the food that is gluten-free. A wheat-allergic person can eat bread and cereal but only which does not contain gluten.

In Lunch – For lunch according to dietitian Priyanka, the menu that includes a salad made from spinach, mushrooms, romaine lettuce, olive oil, and other vegetables and fruits that are gluten-free would be highly beneficial for the wheat allergic person.

In Dinner – In dinner, there should be rice, pulses, and vegetables that are wheat free. And if in any case, a person wants to eat food other than regular Indian food then one can eat wheat free pasta, tomatoes, sweet peppers, mushrooms, red wine vinegar, zucchini, garlic, garlic, and grapes.

Sources of Wheat or Wheat Products

There are some other possible sources that may contain wheat. It is important for people that are allergic to wheat to be aware of such food material.

  • Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
  • Kamut
  • Modified food starch
  • Gluten
  • Gelatinized starch
  • Gum
  • Modified food starch
  • Modified starch
  • Natural flavoring
  • Soy sauce

How Dietitian Can Help To Cure Wheat Allergic Reactions

Dietitian can help you with the right menu that fits your healthy living goals. They can guide you with a menu that is helpful for maintaining the wheat-free diet and for weight loss as well. You can also concern Dietitian Priyanka for the best diet plan for wheat allergy. She is one of the most reputed dietitians in Chandigarh. She has served many people with healthy diet plans and for that, she also gets highly praised by them.

So if you want to manage your wheat allergic reactions by having a right then allow Dietitian Priyanka to guide you with the best diet plan for wheat allergy.

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