North Indian Diet Plans For Weight Loss – Obesity is the problem which is observed in a lot of Indians nowadays. The reason behind the huge weight gain is unhealthy lifestyle where you eat high-calorie food with fewer activities. Are you the one who is also worried about your overweight problem? If yes, then we suggest you follow North Indian diet plans for weight loss. You can also contact Dietitian Priyanka who is the leading dietitian in her profession. She provides the best diet plans to get back in shape very fast.

North Indian Diet Plans For Weight LossJust sweating in the gym every day is not enough to lose weight, you should also have the balanced diet. The blend of rich balanced diet with exercise can remove all the extra fat of your body. If you are the one who is searching for the best dietitian for weight loss then connect yourself with Priyanka Diet Clinic. She is one of the leading diet consultants in Chandigarh but she also provides her services online. So connect yourself with us and get the best health tips online.

North Indian Diet Plans For Weight Loss

Most of the people who decide to lose weight quickly quit due to the meal plans. The reason behind this is their taste buds. Most of the meal plans are boring and tasteless. Due to this most of the people do not feel interesting to follow plans in their diet. If you are also one of them who get bored by the tasteless meal plan then we have a good news for them. We have the best plan which is based on North Indian food and have a lot of varieties. Here is the best north Indian meal plan which you can follow to get the best attractive body shape.

Early Morning

In the early morning, take lemon juice in one glass of lukewarm water or one spoon of fenugreek seeds in one cup of water.


After that, take one cup of tea or coffee without sugar and two Marie biscuits.


For breakfast, you can take one paratha/one stuffed methi roti with a cup of curd. It contains 5gm of protein. Besides that, you can take two white boiled eggs.


You can have one apple.


For lunch, you can have one small bowl of rice with one small bowl of urad dal and boiled chicken. Or you can take two chapattis with one medium bowl of capsicum vegetable with one medium bowl of dal and salad.


In the evening, you can take one cup of milk with one small bowl of roasted channa. Or you can take one glass of lassi without any sugar.


In dinner, consume 2 chapattis with one bowl of mixed vegetable/lauki vegetable. Along with that take curd. If you will take this dinner then you will get 11.1gm of protein.

This is the best North Indian meal plan for weight loss. But remember not to take less than 45 gm of protein in a day as it may lead to severe side effects like dryness on the skin, hair loss, and many more. Proteins are necessary to maintain the basic functioning of cells of the body. They are the basic building blocks of the body. So maintain a diet which is rich in protein and other essential nutrients. If you have any doubt in the meal plan you are following then you can contact the best nutritionist Priyanka. She is an expert with 5 years of experience in Nutrition Solution Industry.


Now you can also get rid of your extra pounds as we have provided here the information about the North Indian diet plans for weight loss. Nutritionist Priyanka is one of the best and registered diet consultants. She provides the best tips for weight loss. So connect yourself with her and grab the chance to get attractive body shape. In case you need any further information about weight loss, visit our official website.

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