Manage and Reverse Diabetes

Reverse your diabetes and Prevent yourself from being

Out of every six diabetic patients in the world, one is from India. Diabetes is one of the most common
metabolic disorders. Still, people do not have the required knowledge about it. They are recklessly eating
stuff that they should not. Here, I am taking the initiative to educate people about what diabetes is. Make
them aware of what damage it can provide to your body? And, if they are diabetic, Why is it necessary to
get the required treatment as soon as possible?

What is ‘Diabetes’?

✨It is a metabolic disorder(not a disease), in which the cell of our body loses the ability to take glucose present in the bloodstream as a result of which cells cannot produce ATP (Energy).
✨The glucose level in the blood increases, which affects the absorption of other important nutrients like protein, vitamin-B and omega-3-fatty acid in the blood.
✨As Glucose cannot be metabolized, it remains in the blood. Meanwhile, if we test our blood the result of high glucose level in the blood will appeal.

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