Top 10 Dietician & Nutritionist in Patna – Selecting the ideal Dietician And Nutritionist is essential if you want to put your health first. The Top 10 Dietician & Nutritionist in Patna have built a solid name in the health and diet industries by regularly providing their clients with exceptional outcomes. These professionals are committed to assisting people like you to transform their lives through the power of nutrition. They provide customized meal plans, nutritional counseling, thorough health evaluations, and continuous support. 

Top 10 Dieticians & Nutritionists in Patna

By offering personalized nutrition plans and continuing support to help people get their best health, these top 10 experts have successfully improved the lives of countless people. These dieticians and nutritionists in Patna can provide you with the direction you need to make wise decisions about your diet and way of life because they have an in-depth understanding of nutrition, science, and the particular requirements of each individual. They will work together with you to design individualized methods that are possible, long-lasting, and effective, whether it’s treating particular health challenges or enhancing performance. 

Healthy Diet And Nutrition

An eating plan that helps weight management and general health includes a variety of healthy meals. Think of putting different colors on your plate as symbols of the rainbow. Many meals are strongly nutrient-dense, like dark, leafy greens, citrus fruits, tomato products, and even fresh herbs.

Here are some tips for a Healthy Diet And Nutrition:

  • A balanced diet can help prevent non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer, as well as poverty in all of its symptoms.
  • Limiting salt consumption to fewer than 5gm per day lowers the adult population’s risk of heart disease and stroke and helps to prevent hypertension. 
  • A healthy diet includes keeping free sugar intake to less than 10% of total energy intake. 
  • Regular water consumption may also enhance diet quality and reduce your consumption of calories from beverages.

List of Top 10 Dieticians & Nutritionists in Patna

Dietitian Priyanka

Numerous people’s lives have been changed by Chandigarh’s well-known nutritionist, Priyanka Mittal, who was also named the best diet expert. Dietitian Priyanka has worked in the Nutrition Solutions Industry since 2013. She is also an expert in healthcare. We are pleased to announce that the esteemed dietitian Priyanka Mittal holds degrees in M.Sc. and MPhil. in food and nutrition and is a lifelong member of the Indian Dietetics Association (IDA). Dietitian Priyanka Mittal is the owner and operator of Priyanka’s Diet Clinic.

Here are some patients’ diets based on their nutritional needs for diseases plans by Dietitian Priyanka are:

  • Cancer
  • Enteral & Parental Nutrition
  • Liver Diseases
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Hypertension
  • Cardiac Problems

You’ll learn more about nutrition, how to make long-lasting changes, and how to have a healthy relationship with food under Priyanka’s direction. Don’t put off spending money on your health any longer. Get in touch with Dietitian Priyanka right away to start your transformation into a healthier, happier version of yourself. 

Contact Details 

Name – Priyanka’s Diet Clinic 

Chandigarh Address:- SCO-1066-67, First Floor, Sector 22B, Chandigarh

Zirkapur Address:- SCO 33 First floor, Apple Height’s, VIP Rd, Above More Supermarket, Zirakpur

Phone No. – +919779217001 

Dietitian Shubhra Jain

In India, she is the best dietitian. Considering that Dt. Shubhra has seven years of expertise in the profession and conducts her two clinics in Ambala and Chandigarh with grace. She creates diet plans for her clients’ delight using a vast amount of unique diet knowledge, and these diet plans contain readily available materials from the local market. 

Address – #835, Veetrag Vatika, Urban Estate, Sector – 7, Opp. Civil Hospital, Ambala City, Haryana.

Dietitian Nupur Malhotra

The Top 10 Dietitians in India also include Dt. Nupur. She supports a healthy diet because changing one’s eating habits is the first step to becoming in shape. After a long journey, she arrives at a diet clinic where she provides the patients with diet regimens. 

Registered Address – Diet Clinic, #79, Sector – 17, Near Manimajra Housing Board, Panchkula, Haryana, India, Pin  – 134108.

Dietitian Anjum Shaikh

The well-known dietitian, who you may once more select as India’s top dietitian. The well-known nutritionist is renowned for her ability to lose inches. Anjum Shaikh is a dietitian with more than 20 years of experience and a physical clinic.

Address – Andheri West, Mumbai, India

Dietitian Ishi Khosla

Dietitian Dr. Ishi Khosla has won honors in her field. She leads a healthy lifestyle and offers advice to clients about sensible eating practices. She meets them face-to-face and provides online guidance. 

Address – S-357, 3rd Floor, Outer Ring Road, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi.

Dietitian Nisha Malhotra

She is once more a well-liked dietitian. She offers the greatest weight reduction advice and helps many individuals become healthy thanks to her 37 years of experience. “Best Dietician In Delhi 2013” has been given to dietitian Nisha Malhotra. 

Address – 30 Ground floor, near Radisson Blu, Outer Ring Rd, Bhera Enclave, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi.

Dietitian Kamal Bajwa

In India, she is well-known as a dietitian. She provides quick-acting health services via a diet clinic. For her clientele, her diet programs are adaptable. Lifetime members of both the Indian Dietetic Association and the Nutrition Foundation of India include dietitian Kamal Bajwa. 

Address – #120-A, Sewak Colony, Patiala, Punjab, India, Pin – 147001

Dietitian Anjali Mukherjee

An accomplished dietitian in India. She manages her business and began working as a nutritionist in 1984. She develops into a specialist in this sector thanks to the long voyage. The diet services are administered out of Bengaluru by Dt. Anjali Mukherjee.  

Address – Health Total by Anjali Mukerjee, C -19/9, Sector – 7, Opposite to Metro Piller Number – 400, Rohini, New Delhi, India, Pin – 110085

Dietitian Shikha Sharma

She is India’s top dietitian. She provides the greatest care and is an allopathic physician. She advises consuming fruits and vegetables high in fiber to make the body more supple. 

Registered Address – A57, Panchsheel Enclave, Near Swami Nagar, New Delhi, India

Dietitian Shweta Sharma

She is India’s best dietitian. Instead of synthetic food, Shweta Sharma recommends organic food. Her diet plans are customized to each client’s needs. One of the top dietitians for simple-to-follow diet plans, personalized diet plans, and budget-friendly prices.

Address – ActiveLife-Nourishing Lives, Near Police Station

Conclusion : 

If you are planning a healthy diet and are looking for a Dietitian that can fit under your budget, then you can go with Dietitian Priyanka. They have many years of experience and also provide online services.

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