Best Diet Tips For Glowing Skin – To get the great looking skin you need to make sure that you are eating well. Most of the women take the help of cosmetic products to get the glow. But they are unaware of the side effects of those chemical products. Are you the one who wants to get the healthy glowing skin? If yes, then here we have the best diet tips for glowing skin. You can contact Priyanka Diet Clinic who will properly guide you to get the healthy glowing skin.

Best Diet Tips For Glowing SkinEveryone wants a good healthy and beautiful skin. But most of the people do not know that you can get the glowing skin with the properly balanced diet. If you are the one who is searching for the best diet plan to get the beautiful skin then connect yourself with Dietitian Priyanka. She is the leading nutritionist of Chandigarh but also offers her services online. So get in touch with her and avail the best services online.

 Best Diet Tips For Glowing Skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body and it can also be your biggest problem if not taken care of properly. Here we have the best diet plan that will help you to get the glowing skin.

  • Early Morning (6 a.m.): Take one cup of water with aloe vera juice or with the juice of half a lime.
  • Breakfast (6:45-7: 00 a.m.): Have one cup papaya with one cup of milk/green tea/soya milk with 4 almonds or you can take one wheat bread with one cup of oats/boiled egg/ricotta cheese with one cup of green tea.
  • Mid-Morning (9:30-10:00a.m): Take one cup freshly pressed fruit juice/coconut water or you can have one cucumber/carrot, sliced with hummus/yogurt.
  • Lunch (12:30-1:00pm.): Take blanched veggie with grilled chicken/fish/lentil soup with one small cup of brown rice or you can take lettuce wrap with veggies and chicken/tofu/mushroom.
  • Snack (3:30-4: 00 p.m.): One cup of freshly pressed vegetable/fruit juice or you can take one cup of green tea.
  • Dinner (7:00-7: 30 p.m.): Mixed vegetable curry/vegetable or chicken stew with 2 flatbreads with one cup raita.
  • Bed Time (10:00 p.m.): One cup of warm milk or water with a pinch of turmeric.

This is the basic meal plan that you can follow or you can take the proper meal plan from the Nutritionist Priyanka. Here we have the best diet tips that you can add into your diet are:


It is the age-old spice which is very effective in removing harmful bacteria from the body. Garlic boosts the blood circulation which ultimately leads to a clearer skin. It protects the skin from impurities and all other skin problems. Garlic is known for its antibiotic properties, so you can add it with food after crushing or chopping for better absorption of its nutrients.

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

When it comes to skin health, dark green leafy vegetables are the best. It is loaded with essential vitamins & nutrients and antioxidants. You can take any of the dark green leafy vegetables from mustard leaves, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, arugula, radish leaves, coriander, parsley, and Swiss chard. These are the best vegetables which help you to get rid of skin dullness and enhance its glow. You can add them to daal, soups, salads, wraps, and sandwiches.

Drink A Plenty Of Water

If you will drink a plenty of water all over the day then it will keep your system internally hydrates which are in turn results in glowing skin. Water not only removes the harmful toxins from the body but it also keeps wrinkles at bay and gives you glowing skin.


They are very effective for anti-aging as they are rich in vitamins A, B, and E.

These are some tips to get the beautiful glowing skin, There are many more which you can come to know by connecting yourself with Diet Consultant Priyanka.


So now you can also get the beautiful skin easily at your home as we have provided here all the information about the best diet tips for glowing skin. Dietitian Priyanka is one of the best diet consultants who have more than 5 years of experience in her field. She provides the best diet plan which contains all the varieties of food. So what are you waiting for? Get immediately in touch with her and enhance the beauty of yours in just a few steps. In case you need any further information about a healthy diet, visit our official website.

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