Online Dietitian In Patna – A balanced diet is a major aspect of a person’s health. Dietitian Priyanka is one of the leading dietitians in India. We all want a healthy body and weight, and this can be attained by consulting a dietitian. If you want to consult Online Dietitian In Patna, then contact Dietitian Priyanka. 

Online Dietitian In PatnaA balanced or a healthy diet, we all have heard about it. But have you ever thought, what it actually does to your body? In this blog we are actually going to tell you about it and If you have to deal with a dietitian for this. For more information call us at +91-9779217001or email us at

What is a Balanced Diet?

A balanced or healthy diet is normally a diet that contains the right proportion of the nutrition. It contains the perfect amount of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, and as well as fats. Yes, fats! Fat is an important aspect of the diet in one’s life. This is due to the fact that fat provides energy. 

A person who wants to get a diet according to their requirement, he/she should contact a dietitian. A dietitian will ask about your lifestyle, any disease you are suffering from, or the kind of food you prefer. Therefore you should contact Online Dietitian In Patna for your diet plans. 

Benefits of a Balanced Diet.

There are many benefits of consuming a balanced diet. We have mentioned a lot of benefits of having a balanced diet. 

  • Firstly, A balanced diet helps you to fight many diseases. 
  • It improves your immune system, which eventually makes you resistant to catching any illness. 
  • Furthermore, if you are opting for a balanced diet, it will make your lifestyle happier and merrier. 
  • Also, a balanced diet helps you in managing the right weight. 
  • A balanced diet contains a wide variety of foods which also makes a person emotionally healthy. 

Online Dietitian In Patna – Dietitian Priyanka 

Dietitian Priyanka has an imminence experience of almost 6 years. She has been allotted to be a lifetime member of IDA or which is commonly known as the Indian Dietetics Association. She is a well-qualified dietitian with M. Sc. and M. Phil. Degrees. She has worked under Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan. 

Also, she has worked as a dietitian in the cancer department of Apollo Hospital. Moreover, she was also a diabetic educator at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. She understands the requirements of her clients and gives the best Dietitian services. There are many reasons why she is the best Online Dietitian In Patna

Reason Why Dietitian Priyanka is the Best  Online Dietitian In Patna

Dietitian Priyanka has a passion for trying new delicious recipes. We already know that a healthy diet means zero taste. But Dietitian Priyanka proved it wrong. Her recipes are full of health as well as taste. Her love and commitment to her work make her the best Online Dietitian In Patna

She provides the best diet services, both online and offline. Also, she understands the preference of the clients. The dietitian provides the diet plan according to the specific diseases. These diseases are basically diabetes, cancer, kidney problems, and many other chronic diseases. 

Services Provided By Online Dietitian In Patna

The Dietitian provides many services which are mentioned further in this blog. Dietitian Priyanka has already served hundreds of people and is still serving. She provides services such as BMI/BMR calculator, weight management programs, Thyroid diet plans, PCOD/ PCOS diet plans, cancer diet plans, Kidney diet plans. 

  • BMI/BMR Calculator: Basal metabolic rate or BMR is a term that means the number of calories or total energy required by the body when it is at rest.
  • Healthy Heart Diet: The dietitian provides a diet for a healthy heart. Oily foods can exaggerate cholesterol levels. A healthy diet can help in lowering cholesterol. 
  • Weight Management: The diet provided by the dietitian is inclined towards being healthy and tasty at the same time. If you want to lose or gain weight, you can contact Online Dietitian In Patna.
  • Thyroid Diet Plans: The dietitian provide a diet that is specifically for people who are suffering from Thyroid issues. The thyroid can initiate weight loss or weight gain according to the body type of a person. 

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