2 weeks Diet Plan For Weight Gain – While there are many people who are trying hard to lose weight by taking different challenges, at the same time there are some people who want to put on calories or weight. Yes, you have heard right. Are you also the one who is in search of best diet plan to put on some weight? Are you the one who is looking for the 2 weeks diet plan for weight gain? If your answer says yes, here you are at right place. Now you don’t need to search further for the diet plan as here we have every detail which you need to know regarding the 2 weeks diet plan.

2 weeks Diet Plan For Weight Gain

If you are the one who is trying hard to put on some calories then here you are at right place. Now you have an opportunity to gain weight with the easy diet plan and with this 2 weeks diet plan challenge. The key to gaining weight is to stick to a nutritious diet and eat more calories. Rather than choosing a or eating a high sugar, high-fat foods to pack on the pounds, you can opt for energy-dense food which are in high calories and have rich nutrients. Through this way, you will achieve your goal of gaining a weight in two weeks without sacrificing of your health. Here we have the best diet plan for you.

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2 Weeks Diet Plan For Weight Gain 

If you are the one who is looking for the best diet plan, here we have a perfect diet plan for you which is mentioned below. Now you can choose this plan to gain weight or put on some calories.

Increase your calories

You are suggested to increase your caloric intake. Eat more and more as one pound of body weight is equals to 3,500 calories. In short, to gain around 2 pounds in two weeks, you are suggested to increase your daily calory of around 500. This way it will help you to gain weight.

Eat more often

It is hard to take in enough of calories when you have a limit of yourself three meals a day. But it is important to eat more once you have decided to put on your weight. Eat three to four meals a day also three to four substantial snacks for yourself.

More Snacks

Always have small snacks with you like nuts, dried fruits, different flavored yogurt and cottage cheese. You can also have protein-rich smoothies ingredients on hand. This will help you gaining weight.

Increase Your Portion Size

We suggest you increase the portion size of your meal. At each meal of your day, eat more than you normally eat. Have an extra serving of chicken breast, more slice of the whole grain bread or add more and more of cheese, ghee, butter in your meal. This will also help you in increasing a weight.

Energy Dense Food

You should have more calory of food. With the 9 calories per gram, fat is the most energy-dense food. But all fats are not equal. We suggest you choose heart-healthy unsaturated fat like olive oil or canola oil rather than choosing saturated fat like butter or ghee or fried items. To increase the energy density of your food, use olive oil over lightly steamed green beans, blend cashews into a smoothie. Dip your slice of apple in nut butter and drink a  whole glass of full cream milk with each meal of yours.

This 2 weeks diet plan will help you increase your weight.


We hope, we provided you the best information regarding the 2 weeks diet plan for weight gain. This diet plan will surely help you. So, follow this routine and put on weight in just 2 weeks. For more, feel free to visit our official website.


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