Eat Less Get Fat

Eat Less Get Fat – Everybody wants a perfectly shaped body so that anything they wear might look perfectly fine. You might think that if you eat less then you can lose more, but it’s not true, and it is scientifically proven that eating less may lead to gaining more weight. In this blog, we’ll discuss Eat Less Get Fat and know why weight is increasing day by day.Eat Less Get Fat

It’s a myth that consuming fewer foods means fewer calories and less weight gain. But the fact is eating less or starving may fatten you up further and slow down your metabolism. Diets can not work sustainably to keep us healthy or lose excess weight, as diets are just a small, though potent, component of our complete well-being & health care. Your weight gain problem goes beyond the overeating theory as most diet experts popularly understand it. Now, it’s high time to wake up and get the things to understand. 

Causes Of Getting Fat 

Several factors may play a role in gaining and retaining excess weight. It may include diet, genetics, lack of exercise, and environmental factors. Your body stores the fat within specialized fat cells called adipose tissue by enlarging fat cells, that are always present in the human body, or by creating more of them. In case you decrease your food intake and consume limited calories then you burn up, or if you exercise more and burn more calories. Only then your body will reduce some of your stores. The time when it happens is the shrinking of fat cells along with the waistline. Some of the factors that are discussed below, 

  • Not Getting Enough Sleep – Sleeping is essential for the overall health and well-being of an individual. If you are not getting sufficient sleep then it may lead to weight gain and some other negative effects on your health. For weight loss, you may have to increase your sleep hours. The basic time for sleeping is at least 7 hours a day.  
  • Eating Highly Processed Foods – Foods like frozen fruits, oats, and yogurt are minimally processed which is okay to consume on a healthy diet. On the other hand consume highly processed foods like fast foods, sugary cereals, and microwave dinners, as well as preservatives, sugars, and unhealthy fats. These foods are packed with calories yet devoid of essential nutrients that are proteins and fibers which keep you feeling full. To lose weight you have to cut out processed snacks and meals, focusing instead on whole foods. 
  • You’re Stressed Out – Your mental stress is a common problem that may affect your weight. Sometimes chronic stress is when a person suffers from stress for a long period. High stress levels may disturb the stress hormone cortisol and may increase hunger and a stressed person eats many things at a time which can cause weight gain. Stress management may help to promote weight loss. To take care of your health you may start practicing yoga, meditation, and spending more time in nature.
  • You Have An Undiagnosed Medical Issue – Many lifestyle factors contribute to unintentional weight gain, in certain medical conditions that may also play a role. These include depression, hypothyroidism, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and Binge eating disorder (BED). Other conditions like diabetes and also Cushing syndrome are associated with weight gain, So it is important to get a perfect diagnosis from your medical practitioner. 

Tips To Lose Weight

There are so many ways that may help to reduce your weight and maintain your overall health. It is a fact that if you eat healthily it will take care of your body. Before everything your mindset matters, when it comes to weight loss. Keeping weight off is a very hard task. But the good news is that your body weight i not the end of all your problems but for your health and happiness you have to be fit and healthy and may feel good. Although you are not as thin as you would like to be. Here are some of the ways that may help to reduce weight and make your body well-shaped and healthy.Healthy menu recipe food diet

#1. Eat Colorful, nutritionally dense foods

Healthy meals should form the foundation of a healthy human diet. An easy way to create a meal plan is to make sure that every meal consists of 50% fruits, 25% proteins, and 25% whole grains. The total fiber intake should be 25-30 grams daily. Some foods are rich in nutrients and good for your overall health as follows-

  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Fish
  • Brown Rice
  • Oatmeal

#2. Regular Physical Activity & Exercise

Doing regular exercise is beneficial for both physical and mental health. Increasing the frequency of physical activity in a disciplined and purposeful way is often crucial for successful weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Doing one hour of intensive exercise may help you to reduce your weight fast. Some exercises may include are as follows – 

  • Walking
  • Gardening
  • Zumba
  • Playing Outdoor Games
  • Taking the stairs
  • Weight lifting 

#3. Stay Hydrated

Drinking more water may help to reduce your cravings as after drinking much water your tummy doesn’t have space for other things to eat. One research has found that people who drank two glasses of water 30 minutes before a meal lost more weight than people who didn’t drink water before meals. Water makes you feel fuller causing you to eat less during a meal. It is also beneficial for your skin. 

#4. Burn More Calories than You Consume

Make a goal that you have to lose weight in 20 days, then you should aim at cutting down 500-600 calories through diet management and 600 calories through exercise every day. According to your dietician, women should intake 1200 calories and men should intake 1800 a day. 

#5. Sleep is Important

Make a proper schedule for your sleep routine. It is required to have at least 7 hours of sleep or more. That makes a habit of sleeping with this practice you can be able to relax your body and mind. The research also found that having proper sleep may help to increase mental stability and maintain a healthy weight. 


If you’re still thinking that eating less makes you lose fat/weight then it’s wrong as it is just a myth. So, you should keep track of your diet and do outside activities. Stay focused and lose weight while on a healthy diet. To achieve your weight loss aim, you have to achieve and maintain weight loss is possible when people adopt lifestyle changes in the long term. For more information, you can contact your dietician.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Questions 1. How often should I eat to lose weight?

Answer – You have to eat 5 healthy meals a day to maximize your weight loss. 

Question 2. Who is the best dietician that can resolve my health-related concerns?

Answer – Dietician Priyanka is the best dietician she can resolve all health-related concerns. 

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