How to Gain Weight Naturally for Female – Many people in India are suffering from weight gain and obesity. However, there are many others who are suffering from opposite problem or being too skinny. If you are also the one who is wondering, how to gain weight naturally for female then here we have all you need to know. There are many ways to lose weight but no one is treating weight gain as an important issue. In females like weight loss, weight gain is also a very serious problem.  If you are suffering from the same problem then here we have the tips to gain weight naturally.

How to Gain Weight Naturally for Female

Today’s lifestyle is not only a major issue for weight gain but also for underweight in females. If you want to gain weight naturally then you should aim in nutrient-dense and high calories food.  Underweight is the very serious problem in females.  Underweight means if you have body mass index(BMI) less than 18.5. If you are suffering from underweight problem then you can also contact a dietitian, diet consultant or nutritionist for this. A dietitian will guide you a healthy diet plan and other ways from which you can gain weight naturally. We suggest you choose Dietitian Priyanka, she is one of the leading dietitians in Chandigarh city and provides the best weight gain tips to people.

Tips for Weight Gain Naturally

There are many ways from which you can gain weight like naturally and unnaturally. But many females adopt natural way for weight gain because there are many side effects form unnatural way and it is very unhealthy which will affect your body later on. There are many natural ways from which you can gain 1-2 pounds (0.45 – 091kg) in a week. You can add more calories into your body by adding large sized meals. As today’s lifestyle is a major reason behind this problem so don’t forget to change your daily routine and exercise regularly. So the basic tips to get rid of from your too skinny body are

Changing your eating habits

You can add more calories to your meal. If you want to gain weight very fast then you should have to consume 500 calories per day. Aim to take nutrient food. If you have any doubts about what to take for nutrient food then you can just contact a dietitian and can take a dietitian chart which includes nutrient and high calories food.

With that, you can take large portioned and large-sized food. If you can’t able to take large sized food then you can take small portioned meal after small intervals of time.

Avoid taking water before 30 minutes of a meal and prefer to have walked before the meal because it will make you hungry.

Prefer to have some food or snacks before bed because it will not burn your food and hence you can gain weight. If you like then you can also take dessert before bed. It is much easier way for weight gain.

Changing your lifestyle

If you are underweight then you can consult a doctor. Sometimes medication is also very helpful. If you don’t like medication then you can consult a registered dietician who can help you to get rid of your skinny body very fast.

With that, you should quit smoking and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Physically fit

Don’t forget to add exercise to your daily routine. It will remain you fresh and physically fit. You can also adopt yoga for healthy mind and body.

Avoid unhealthy food

Avoid junk food. Include this habit into your daily routine because junk food harms our body in many ways. Instead of unhealthy food add more fruits and three-time meals into your routine. If you are having the problem with solid meals then add more and more liquid food into your diet.


So these are the few tips to get rid of a too skinny body and gain weight very fast. We hope, we provided you the best information of weight gain naturally for females. If you are looking for more details, you can visit our official website.

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