Immunity Booster Diet Plan – A person with strong immunes systems is always less prone to health problems. Immunity is the ability of our body to fight against infections. Our immune system protects us against several health-related problems. However, to strengthen our immune system, we need to eat healthily. The diet we take plays a very important role in boosting up our immunity. In this blog, we will tell you an easy to follow Immunity Booster Diet Plan.

Immunity Booster Diet PlanThere are two types of immunity – active and passive. Active immunity is the ability of our body to resist against several infections and diseases naturally. Whereas, passive immunity is when one takes an external help to empower his immune system. For this purpose, we need to consume a healthy diet. A person who eats a balanced diet is always happy and healthier than one who doesn’t. Here you will come to know about the top immunity-boosting foods.

List of the Best Immune System Booster Foods

For a healthy immune system, you need to eat wisely. A well-balanced diet comprises foods that provide you all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Have a look at the foods you must include in your daily diet plan listed below:

Foods rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that helps our body to build its immunity. All the citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruits, tangerines, etc. are rich in Vitamin C. These foods have the antioxidant properties which help in the reduction of oxidative stress. Have you ever wondered why the health experts recommend citrus fruits when you face problems like common cold or flu? Well, the reason is that they make our immune system stronger.

Green Leafy Vegetables

These vegetables are quite essential for empowering our immune system. All such green leafy vegetables like spinach, collard green, cabbage, kale, etc. are very nutritious. These are rich in Vitamin C and contain antioxidants that make our body capable to fight infections. Spinach is rich in Vitamin A and provides us many vital nutrients.

Green Tea

One of the top immunity booster foods is green tea. It is full of flavonoids that are excellent antioxidants. Moreover, drinking green tea is good for our digestive system and also helps us lose weight. Green tea is heavily rich in epigallocatechin gallate which is an antioxidant that increases our body’s germ-fighting ability. Furthermore, it is a source of healthy amino acids that make our body cells stronger.


Healthy nuts such as almonds are a good source of Vitamin E. It is a water-soluble vitamin that is good for our immune system. Consumption of these healthy nuts allows our body to absorb fat better. Plus, almonds also provide us with healthy fats required by our body to fight with infection-causing germs.

Poultry Products

The poultry products such as eggs, chicken, meat, turkey, etc. are rich in vitamins and healthy fats. The presence of essential nutrients like Vitamin B-6 in them allows our body to fight with general health problems. Besides this, these products contain nutrients like gelatin and chondroitin that help our body to heal faster. Most importantly, consuming poultry products boosts the production of the red blood cells which makes our body resistant to infections.

Dairy Products

Intake of dairy products like milk, paneer, yogurt, cheese, etc. is the key to a healthy life. These products are the natural immunity boosters that also help us to gain muscles. Moreover, they are rich in calcium, vitamin D, and other nutrients that make our body’s defense system stronger. Also, they not only boost up our immunity but also make our teeth, bones, skin healthier.


In the end, the list of immunity booster foods is endless. However, for the best results, it is always wise to consult a dietician. Every person has different diet requirements. Hence, you cannot get a perfect diet plan for a healthy immune system without consulting a renowned dietician. So, be wise and consult an able diet expert like Dietician Priyanka Mittal who’ll guide you the best!

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