Maintain Blood Pressure by Natural Food – The problem of heart patients increases as soon as it gets cold. Because this season does not cause sweating from the body and the level of salt increases, thus increasing blood pressure automatically. During this time, if heart patients do not exercise, then the situation worsens. When blood pressure exceeds 120 mm, then the person has high blood pressure problem. Not more harmful from 120 to 140 mm But when it is 160 or more, hypertension is called. This situation can be dangerous, so control it over time. Change your routine with eating too.

Here are some of the easy ways for you mentioned below.

High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is called pressure by blood on the arteries. Generally, There is a certain pressure of blood flowing in our arteries. When this pressure gets high, pressure on the arteries increases and this condition is known by High blood pressure.

There are many factors of blood pressure in the body such as the amount of water and salt in the body, blood vessels and the condition of the main organ such as kidney, the position of the nervous system and the level of an individual’s hormone.

Causes of High Blood pressure

  • If the person is a victim of problems like diabetes and obesity and usually anxiety, breathing problem, heartache, anger, mental stress and kidney failure are caused by hereditary.
  • If the person is in a lot of stress due to some reason.
  • A person consumes a lot of alcohol in a day or consumes a lot of tobacco.
  • Irregularity in food also causes your high blood pressure and is such that nowadays we have become fast food, junk foods, processed foods, refined flour, fried foods and salted Namkeen so many etc. that they prefer them instead of a healthy breakfast That is also a reason for growing BP.
  • Low intake of fruits and vegetables also reduces nutrients inside your body, especially those that contain the amount of fiber and do not include fruits and vegetables of such fiber in your diet
  • Due to lack of physical exertion, blood clotting due to increase in the amount of fat, lack of vitamin B and vitamin C, potassium, calcium, and lack of magnesium in the body, also causes high blood pressure.


Beets are high in nitric oxide. By eating beetroot blood pressure control, heart disease, arteries work smoothly, protects from clotting because there is nitric acid in the beetroot and when it goes into the body, it turns into. You can juice own beets or simply cook and eat the whole root.


Banana contains plenty of potassium which reduces the effect of sodium in the body. Consuming at least 2 bananas daily will keep your blood pressure normal. Do not eat empty stomach in the morning and do not drink water immediately after eating.

Coconut water –

Coconut water keeps high blood pressure in control. It is effective in controlling the essential blood pressure such as Vitamin C and potassium, magnesium in it.


Garlic has a considerable advantage in controlling high blood pressure. Which his home remedies existent nitric oxide and hydrogen in garlic. Which relax our blood vessels, If you daily grind garlic and cloves mix it in your foods. You will benefit from it.

Green Tea

Green tea is very beneficial for high blood pressure. Angiotensin is destroyed by drinking green tea which can reduce the problem of high blood pressure. Therefore take daily green tea.

Watermelon Seeds

There is a compound in the bowl. Whose name is cucurubucitrin, it helps to widen the existing blood cells in our body. By which high blood pressure is gradually regulated. There is another advantage. It also improves the functioning of our body’s kidneys.


It contains high levels of antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Antioxidants reduce the amount of cancer-causing free radicals in the body and They also protect against damage to blood vessels and cellular death.

  • Drink 1 glass carrot juice daily in a day, blood pressure control.

Pomegranate –

Pomegranate contains abundant fiber and many vitamins such as calcium, potassium, omega 5, thiamin, antioxidant, vitamin A, c, etc. Iron, which is available for our body Very beneficial. Punicic acid is one of the main constituents of pomegranate that help lower cholesterol, triglycerides and reduce blood pressure.

  1. Drinking pomegranate juice daily may also help lower systolic blood pressure.

Fenugreek Seeds

It contains nutrients such as folic acid, protein, fiber, magnesium, sodium, zinc, copper, niacin, thiamine, carotene etc. Fenugreek is also used not only for enhancing flavor, but also to enhance beauty. Anti-cancerous elements are also found in fenugreek. Fenugreek seeds are the excellent source of electrolyte potassium which helps in controlling the heart rate as well as blood pressure by counteracting the sodium action.

Take one to two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds and boil them for about 2 -3 minutes in water. Now strain out the water from the fenugreek seeds and bled them in a fine paste. Eat one tablespoon of this paste early in the morning on empty stomach and in the evening respectively. Continue for one to two months to control and lower your blood pressure level.


Dates is rich in many types of nutrients. Iron and fluorine are abundant in this; besides it is a very special source of many types of vitamins and minerals. There is no cholesterol and fat level is also very low. It contains vitamins and mineral as well as the amount of protein that contains vitamin B1, B2, B5, A1 vitamin C and potassium in the fiber properties. Daily Take three dates with hot water before breakfast, take it for almost a month.

Healthy Guidelines

Diet plays an important role in controlling hypertension because low calorie, low sodium healthy diet chart can work effectively in reducing body weight. It is well known that a high sodium diet enhances blood pressure, so it is important to follow a diet with low sodium. It is best to target 2300 milligrams or 1 teaspoon salt per day. Instructions have also been given to keep away from foods such as salted nuts, pickles, biscuits, crackers, baked food, packed foods, packed soup, ghee, dalda, oily foods, butter and cream.

 Proper diet and exercise play an important role in controlling hypertension. Daily 45 minutes of physical activity such as walking, brisk walk, cycling, yoga. Daily physical activities not only reduce the risk of heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure and stroke but also help in controlling obesity.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is extremely effective for people suffering from high blood pressure. The benefits of fruits and vegetables to lose weight are well known. Some healthy foods to reduce blood pressure are leafy green vegetables like lettuce, kale, collard greens, spinach, broccoli, fenugreek leaves, tomato and turnip greens all of which are rich in potassium along with fresh and juicy berries, bananas, beets, potatoes, pomegranate, cherries, skim milk and oatmeal, ragi, brown rice, sprouts.


We hope, we provided you the information regarding blood pressure. For more information, feel free to contact us anytime. You can also visit our official website. Choose the right meal to ignore blood pressure or hypertension.

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