How to control uric acid by Natural Foods – The problem of uric acid is very fast. As the age progresses, uric acid gout, arthritis, is occurring. Uric acid means that food is eaten, there is an imbalance in the blood due to lack of purine nutritious balance in it. By which breakdown of purine causes uric acid.

How to control uric acid by Natural Foods

Different Ways To Control Uric Acid By Natural Foods

  •  Regularly take plenty of vitamins C to reduce the level of uric acid in the body. For this, lemons and oranges, sweet lime, kiwi, papaya, strawberries, gloss berry can eat. This will reduce your uric acid level.
  • Consuming Apple cider vinegar reduces the level of uric acid. Vinegar changes the ph. level of blood, It contains malic acid that helps break down and eliminate uric acid which reduces uric acid levels. It should be taken in lukewarm water.
  • Drinking water is essential for health and it is even better to consume its right and maximum quantity.  The harmful acid element is the main contributor of water to extract urine from the body. Drink at least eight to 10 -12 glasses of water throughout the day
  • Lemon juice will make the body more acidic. It produces an alkaline effect and helps in neutralizing uric acid. The citric acid found in lemons eliminates uric acid. The juice of 1 lime squeezed into a glass of Luke warm water. Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. Continue for at least a two week.
  • Food that contains a high amount of fiber, Dietary fiber helps to absorb uric acid in your bloodstream. Whereby it allows eliminated from your body through your kidneys. You can give oats, broccoli, orange, apple, pear, Dalia, barley, blueberry, cucumber, carrot etc. to the body for the required fiber.
  • Instead of using butter or vegetable oil, use olive oil to make food. Ordinary oils are converted into fat immediately after heating and these fats reduce the amount of vitamin E to the body completely. Olive oil reduces excessive amounts of uric acid in the body as well as frozen fat in the body.
  • A food containing the highest amount of purine (uric acid) is present. For example, red meat, beef, chicken, and lamb have a high amount of urine. Vegetables such as asparagus, flower cabbage, mushrooms, spinach, and peas should be eaten in small quantities. There is also a high amount of purine in beans, navy beans, lima beans, kidney beans, and lentils. Other foods such as oatmeal, wheat grains and wheat bran, wheat bread, and even cereals are purine.
  • Alcohol increases the uric acid problem in the body quickly. This leads to the disruption of the high level of purine in alcoholic beverages. The breakdown of purines in uric acid normally exits from the body through the urine, this process is interrupted when the uric acid level is very high.
  • Sugar and sweets are high in calories, which is shown to increase the risk of developing fructose-rich beverages, such as soft drinks, which lead to obesity. Although these types of drinks do not contain high purine, there is a considerable amount of fructose – which increases uric acid levels.


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