Weird Food Combination Which Helps To Lose Weight – We cannot talk about weight loss without discussing food. But did you know that if you combine some random for those also helps to lose weight? Here you will find some weird food combination which helps to lose weight. Now you have the opportunity to take the best guidance about the healthy lifestyle from the expert dietitian Priyanka.

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Weird Food Combination Which Helps To Lose Weight

Foods are the best which helps you to give you essentials nutrients required by the body. But when you combine them in weird combination then they will help you to come back in shape. Some of the weird combinations are:

Apple + Watermelon

Must you think the combination of these two? Well, just mix them, make a salad and start eating. Watermelons are very helpful to remain in shape due to its low-fat contents and added minerals. Apples are the better source of fibers. This is the best combo if you want fir slim body.

Apples + Cinnamon + Peanut Butter

The combination of apple and peanut butter is classic for a slim fit body. Peanut butter contains monosaturated fats, these fats are the best to help you slim down by keeping you feeling full. It also contains polyunsaturated fats which improve the insulin metabolism. So just spread your favorite peanut butter on an apple. Apple is a high source of fiber, a nutrient which helps to reduce visceral fat. On the top of the apple with peanut butter sprinkle cinnamon which contains antioxidants and helps to keep blood sugar level stable. It also prevents the crashes and spikes which is responsible for weight gain.

Raspberries + Yogurt

This is one of the best and healthiest combination that will help you look slimmer in just few days. Just dip some raspberries in yogurt and take it. Raspberries contains fiber which when combined with fat-free yogurt help in burning extra fat from the body.

Eggs + Blackpepper

Eggs are rich in protein and when you combine it with blackpepper then it becomes the most effective method to get slim. Blackpepper is rich in vitamin C and helps to reduce extra kilos from the body when combine with the eggs.

Yogurt + Cinnamon

You must heard that yogurt is good for weight loss. But it work very fast when combine with cinnamon. Cinnamon plays an important role in this combo. It helps to reduce the extra fat of your body. There is antioxidants in this which helps to improve the insulin balance of the body.

Banana + Spinach

Banana with spinach? Yes, it is the most effective combo for slim body. As all know that banana is a filling fruit and it instantly makes you feel full in the stomach. When you mix this heavy food with low-calorie, low-fat, and more fiber spinach then it gives you wonderful results. Spinach also helps to burn extra fats of the body.

These are the some unsual combo to become slim in few days. You can contact Nutritionist Priyanka who will guide about the best unsual combos which helps to burns extra fats very fast.


Now no need to weight further for fit and slim body as now you have the perfect knowledge about weird food combination which helps to lose weight. These combinations are the fastest way to get back in your shape. You can contact dietitian Priyanka who will you the with the best diet plan which includes all the unsual combination to get a oerfect body shape. In case of any further query visit our official website.

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